RAO Bulletin Update 01 December 2018

This bulletin contains the following articles: DoD 04 == DoD Audits [03] —- (First Ever Audit Results) 05 == PTSD [249] —- (Judge Allows Class-Action Lawsuit Over Discharges) 06 == Arlington National Cemetery [79] —- (Xmas Wreaths | Volunteers Needed) 07 == Transgender Lawsuits [11] —- (Trump Again Asks Supreme Court to Intervene) 08 == […]

Lend Me Your Ears

Navy Veteran Robert Chesser received a new prosthetic ear, created for him by prosthetist David Trainer, to replace the ear he lost to cancer. The custom-made auricular prosthesis, as the silicone ear is more properly called, is one of many different prostheses Trainer has made for Veterans at James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital over the […]

The Art of Therapy

“When I am in the creative process, either planning a piece of art or in the process of creating a piece of art, it gets me out of myself and I don’t think about my life,” said Army Veteran, Buddy Measles. “I just think about this piece of art that I want to do and […]

Charles Shay – Returning to the Beaches of Normandy 74 Years Later

Penobscot Tribal Elder, Charles Norman Shay recounts his 0600 D-Day landing on the beaches of Normandy as a combat medic. Returning to the beaches for the 74th anniversary, Shay brings with him a Native American inter-tribal delegation that teaches Europeans and young active duty service-members the culture and impact of the Native American Veterans of […]