RAO Bulletin Update 01 July 2015

This bulletin contains the following articles: DoD 04 == DoD Fraud, Waste, and Abuse ——- (Reported 15 thru 30 Jun 2015) 05 == DoD/VA VLER [11] ———– (Sharing Electronic Medical Records) 05 == BRAC [44] ———– (BRAC, Budget Dominate Summit Discussion) 07 == NDAA for 2016 [09] ————————— (Senate Passes 1st Draft) 08 == Commissary […]

STEP Helps Veteran Pass Passion of Motorcycle Riding to Next Generation

Support the Enlisted Project (STEP), a San Diego-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works with military families throughout the year, helped a local Vietnam veteran, Richard Rivero, to identify a young active duty military family so he could transfer his motorcycle and, more importantly, his spirit of riding. “A person trades off cars frequently. It’s not often […]

Veterans Choice Program Google Hangout

Join experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs to learn more about the new Veterans Choice Program. The Choice Program allows eligible Veterans to get health care in the community from non-VA doctors. The conversation will include Eligibility requirements, How to find a provider and make a Choice Program appointment, What happens after your Choice […]

“Max” Highlights Important Need To Bring Home All Military Working Dogs

American Humane Association, which has worked to help veterans, military families and military animals for 100 years, is encouraging the American public to see a new film that beautifully illustrates the unbreakable bond between two- and four-footed members of the military. Opening on June 26, Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures’ family action adventure “Max,” […]

“Moving Wall” Vietnam Veteran’s memorial to be featured during July 4 Millersburg bicentennial celebration

Millersburg’s bicentennial Fourth of July festivities will take time to honor U.S. service personnel who died in the Vietnam war. The northeastern Ohio town will host the Moving Wall, a half-size replica of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. The Moving Wall display lists the names of U.S. servicemen who died in the conflict […]

Mesothelioma Website Releases New In-Depth Articles and Complimentary Info Packet for Navy Vets

Navy veterans who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma now have an excellent place to turn for free and helpful information and advice. Mesothelioma.us, a leading website that is devoting to providing mesothelioma patients and their families with reputable and educational resources, has just released new in-depth articles and a free information packet designed exclusively for […]