Assistance and services are available for veterans

An officer with the state Department of Veterans’ Services was in Socorro over the weekend, answering questions of those who served in the military or had a relative who served.

The response from the community was so good, said Veterans Services Officer E. Sardo Sanchez, he plans to come to Socorro once a month to help veterans with whatever their needs are.

Sanchez said he could answer questions and help navigate veterans and their family through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which can be confusing at times.

“Any kind of help we can give them to get them through the system,” Sanchez said.

During the weekend, Sanchez saw a majority of veterans who were from the Vietnam era, as well as World War II and the Korean War.

Many of the area veterans are curious as to what their benefits are as a veteran, the officer said. They are also interested in learning about property taxes, whether they are eligible for medical services and also inquire about awards they never received.

Sanchez said he wants to help veterans because of personal experience years ago.

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