Soldiers Project offers free therapy to military veterans, families

When Dr. Judith Broder saw a play penned by a former Marine who had served in Iraq, it literally brought home the mental impact of the war on soldiers.

The series of 10 monologues in that small Hollywood theater grabbed the Encino psychiatrist’s attention.

“It was just their stories and you could see how they were haunted by what they had to do and what they saw,” she said.

The play, “The Sandstorm: Stories From the Front, ” written by Sean Huze, conveyed to Broder the level of psychological trauma being endured by the troops.

“I walked away and said, ‘I’m a psychiatrist. I have special training and these men and women need my help and I’m going to do whatever I can,'” Broder said.

Broder seized on the idea to offer free therapy to military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. In talking to other therapists, she quickly found that there were many willing volunteers.

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