Happy 231st Birthday Marine Corps

CAMP LEJEUNE – The Marine Corps celebrates its 231st birthday today, a celebration created by Maj. Gen. John A Lejeune in 1921.

That tale is but one part of the legacy of the base that now bears Lejeune’s name, the base that has housed the warriors who have created Marine Corps’ history since 1941 from the Pacific islands to Iraq.

To learn that history, the base has a self-guided tour to a number of landmarks and areas that celebrate Marine history.

The tour winds through the base, past the Women Marines Area, a regimental area for the roughly 20,000 women who joined the Corps during World War II; and by W.P.T. Hill Field, the open parade ground where formations of Marines have been greeted by generals and presidents.

The visitor then arrives at Camp Lejeune’s headquarters, which houses a collection of artifacts honoring its namesake.

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