New Law Can Put Bogus Veterans In Jail

Amid the numerous new laws that take effect today, there’s another law in Illinois that takes direct aim at bogus veterans.

If you falsely claim you are a military veteran or that you’ve received a Purple Heart or some other combat medal, you can be arrested in Illinois.

“Unfortunately, there have been incidents where individuals who were not awarded important medals from our military are pretending to have them and I think that diminishes the medal recipients,” said Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn.

The case of Werner “Jack: Genot, a city official from Marengo, Ill., helped spur the new law. In 2005, he admitted to lying for 30 years about serving in Korea and that he got his Purple Heart through fraud.

The Illinois Criminal Code now states that impersonating a veteran, or falsely displaying military medals, is punishable by fines of up to $200 – doing it repeatedly, can bring jail time.

Also in the works, a crackdown on motorists who lie in order to get special license plates suggesting the driver received military medals.

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