A Million Ways to ‘Help the Helpers’

DENVER, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Denver Foundation announced today that the Pioneer Fund has made a gift of $1,000,000 to create the Lewis E. Myers Caregivers Fund. The Caregivers Fund will provide the spouses, parents, and other unpaid caregivers of wounded military personnel with financial assistance, helping with rent, utilities, mortgage payments, car payments, food, and other immediate needs.

The Caregivers Fund is established in memory of Lewis E. Myers, the brother of the late business leader Helen M. McLoraine (née Myers). Lieutenant Myers gave his life fighting “in defense of justice, glory, and righteousness” during World War II. Lewis served on the U.S.S. Little and the U.S.S. Trout where he gave his life in service to his country.

As Helen M. McLoraine forged her career and her legacy, she never forgot her brother’s sacrifice. She was a pioneer who, in the 1950s, put on a hard hat, learned about the oil industry, and broke new ground for women to assume leadership roles in business. She became a generous benefactor and philanthropist, supporting countless causes during the course of her lifetime and through her estate.

“The Caregivers Fund fills an important need while honoring Helen M. McLoraine’s history of supporting those who help others, and remembering her brother’s life and sacrifice,” says a representative for The Pioneer Fund. “We hope that other donors around the country will want to work with their community foundations to create similar vehicles to help caregivers. It would be great if each state had a ‘Caregivers Fund.’ The government provides for veterans and injured soldiers, but their caregivers often struggle to make ends meet. They need help as they take on the difficult task of nursing their loved ones back to health.”

The proceeds of the Caregivers Fund will initially be distributed to Colorado caregivers through Operation HomeFront, a national organization that supports the troops and the families they leave behind.

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