Federal Judge Ignores the Constitution, Military Leaders On ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

WASHINGTON, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Family Research Council President Tony Perkins responded to today’s refusal by U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips to grant an emergency stay to her ruling that the military must stop enforcing the law on open homosexuality in the Armed Services.

Perkins released the following statement:
“Judge Phillips’ refusal to grant an emergency stay is an incredible display of contempt for the Constitution and our nation’s military leaders who say overturning this law will be enormously disruptive for the men and women who defend our country. It’s only logical that a stay should have been granted to avoid the confusion that is already occurring with reports that the Pentagon is telling recruiters to begin accepting homosexual applicants.

“The courts have long recognized the constitutional role of Congress aided by military leaders in determining personnel policy. However, Judge Phillips clearly believes she knows better than all four service chiefs who have spoken out against overturning ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

“We continue to hear from many active duty military personnel and my fellow veterans who are outraged by how the military is being used to advance a liberal social agenda. Family Research Council and our allies will continue speaking out on behalf of service men and women and the vast majority of voters who want to see the Constitution restored to its proper place.”

SOURCE Family Research Council

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