Attention AOL Readers of RAO Bulletin

Assuming AOL allows you to receive this message:

I sent you a Website Edition of the Bulletin you requested on the off chance you could receive it. Last year I deleted over 19,000 AOL users after over 5 years of trying to get AOL to even acknowledge they had a problem. They refused to do anything about allowing their customers to receive the Bulletin on a regular basis. They allow a few through initially, then block 2 or 3 in a row, then sometimes allow them through 1 or 2 times more before blocking them again. There is no set pattern of when or how many of their customers they block with each new edition. I had to delete all the AOL subscribers because I could not keep up with responding to the hundreds of emails I received from them with each new edition complaining they did not receive the Bulletin and asking what should they do or if I could resend it.

I advised all AOL users that if they could not provide a non-AOL addee for me to send to they could go to to read/download the Bulletin. I do not have time to maintain a website myself. Now Roadrunner has started blocking some of their customers randomly one of which is the Webmaster of Veterans Resources’ Ray LaDavis. Since it appears I cannot reach him directly with the Bulletin to post on his site I thought perhaps if, as a Test, I sent it to you and you in turn forwarded it to him at [email protected]. he could post it on their website for all the other AOL readers to access.

This may or not may not work as there is no way of knowing in advance if your AOL addee is one of those that AOL does not block. If you could do this on a regular basis and if it works it would help out a lot of other veterans.

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