Actor Gary Sinise Partners with DAV to Ensure Veterans Obtain Earned Benefits

Cincinnati, Ohio, February 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Upon leaving the military, many veterans—especially those who have been injured—anticipate their earned benefits to begin automatically. That is not the case. Veterans must apply for their benefits, and awards are not automatic. In fact, the Veterans Affairs (VA) claims-processing delays recently hit a 20-year high, with the average claim taking 262 days to be processed. Each day that veterans’ claims languish means another day that they do not receive the benefits they need in order to care for themselves and their families.

This PSA (Heroes), featuring actor and long-time veterans’ advocate, Gary Sinise, informs veterans about the free, professional services DAV provides to them and their families. As the best-trained, most skilled veterans’ benefits experts in the United States, DAV National Service Officers represent more than 300,000 former service members and families in VA claims each year. DAV also provides more than 700,000 free medical trips for veterans annually.

“For more than 90 years, our organization has uniquely operated through veterans helping veterans,” said Arthur H. Wilson, DAV National Adjutant. “Our 1.2 million members provide support to veterans in communities all across the nation and look forward to serving more veterans and their families in the coming year.”

The PSA directs viewers to “Go to” or call 888-647-8387 (VETS).

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