Honoring Each and Every Veteran: Veterans Day 2013

Veterans put themselves at risk for community and country, in places like Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, locations of peacekeeping missions, New Orleans, New Jersey, bases and armories across the world… no matter what role he or she held in the military.

VA’s National Center for PTSD works to serve Veterans by exploring ways to prevent, understand, and effectively treat the psychological impact of combat, accidents, assaults, witnessing atrocities, disasters, and all other traumatic events.

Thank you to each and every Veteran: for your willingness to serve, for your service, your commitment, your patriotism and your sacrifices.

Find tools to help with the symptoms that can occur following trauma and learn more about PTSD and treatments that work. Visit www.PTSD.va.gov. Hear from Veterans who talk about how PTSD treatment turned their lives AboutFace and find where to get help for PTSD.

Please help share this Veterans Day message.

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