Efforts to Reduce Unemployment Among Returning Service Personnel Gaining Momentum

As the men and women of the U.S. military redeploy home after a decade-plus of war – and the Department of Defense simultaneously begins a dramatic drawdown in its military strength – soon to be veterans face a daunting jobs environment after they hang up their uniforms and face the very real prospect of extended periods of unemployment.

In recent years, the initial bow wave of separating military men and women have experienced some discouraging employment figures. Despite their state of the art training, high levels of experience and above the cut work ethos in a vast array of occupational specialties, newly separated veterans under 25-years old have confronted unemployment rates hovering at or above 18%.

At a National Press Club Newsmakers news conference, Steve Gonzalez, Deputy Director of Employment and Education Programs for The American Legion, and Bill Brigman, Senior Policy analyst with the firm SOLID LLC, will discuss a military workforce development effort that is gaining momentum. That effort is assisting military service members, well before they separate from the military, apply their training and experience towards attainment of recognized and sought after professional certifications and licenses. The goal is to win faster placement of returning service personnel into private sector jobs, by giving hiring authorities a better understanding of their knowledge, skills and abilities.

SOURCE National Press Club

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