Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK: Dedrick Senensley Foust, Great White Hunter

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS DEDRICK SENENSLEY FOUST of Boise, Idaho. Dedrick has seen the video and is very upset. He believes I edited the video to make him look stupid, which wasn’t hard to do. Dedrick would like to tell his side of the story to you, the viewers. Dedrick can be reached at 208-571-8245.

I was alerted to Dedrick after he was mentioned being a Navy SEAL who welds submarines in a fly fishing blog. WTF? Dedrick has been mention and wrote about numerous times as being a wounded Navy SEAL. Dedrick has scammed his way into hunts and fishing trips held exclusively for Wounded Warrior and the hunts are costly to the good-willed people who donate them to Veterans. After WORMING his way into a horse riding, mule packing Elk hunt and fishing trip, Dedrick turned on the folks who provided the hunt for his phony ass forcing them to change the way they do business because of his lying ass.

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