Forged ‘The Legend’ Campaign to Support Chris Kyle Family

Forged Chris KyleFollowing the court judgment handed down recently against Chris Kyle’s estate, SEAL veteran-owned, lifestyle brand, Forged leveraged its resources and community to create The Legend Campaign, whose t-shirt sales will benefit Taya Kyle and the Chris Kyle Estate. SOFREP, the Special Operations Forces Report, a well-respected media outlet staffed by writers with military backgrounds, reported Monday that Forged is the only apparel company approved to represent the Estate and family of Chris Kyle.

All proceeds from The Legend Campaign through August 15th will be personally delivered to Taya Kyle by Forged, with hopes to offset any costs the estate might pay as part of an upcoming settlement.

Navy SEAL sniper and veteran Chris Kyle was killed at a shooting range in Texas in 2013 by a Marine veteran with PTSD whom Kyle was trying to help. Prior to his death, Kyle co-authored the book American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, and was featured in the media for his efforts to help those veterans with PTSD recover.

Jesse Ventura sued Chris Kyle for defamation of character based on a story in the book, and was awarded a controversial judgment against Chris Kyle’s estate. Uproar from the military community, Lone Survivor author and SEAL veteran, Marcus Luttrell, and other notable voices in the media (CNN Anchor), were vehemently opposed to the court ruling since Chris Kyle, a decorated military veteran, was killed and the settlement only hurts the family of a highly decorated former Navy SEAL. Forged intends for The Legend sales to offset the costs of the settlement on Taya Kyle and the family.

“At Forged we face a dichotomy that has us moving back and forth between our philanthropic duties to come to the aid of those in need, and maintaining a for-profit Lifestyle Clothing brand. We take great care in our transition back and forth between these two roles,” said Ryan Brundage, Forged Managing Partner. Founder Mike Sauers added, “Having people in the SEAL community and other military arenas reach out to us to either participate or direct a campaign for a fallen brother is something that means a lot to us. We do not take these requests lightly.”

Forged is offering The Legend t-shirts for a limited time. The shirts can be purchased at through midnight on Friday, August 15.

About Forged®
Founded in 2007, Forged offers a range of lifestyle apparel at The Forged line of apparel caters to athletes, CrossFit enthusiasts, Military, Police, Fire, and patriotic Americans that appreciate hard work and old school values. Forged also prides itself by offering an apparel line that regularly supports military charities including The LT Michael Murphy Scholarship Fund, The Lone Survivor Foundation, Warrior Dog Foundation and others.


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