Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK: James “Kimo” Akaka and Arthur Neil Obus

Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley BUSTS James “Kimo” Akaka from Honolulu, Hawaii and Arthur Neil Obus from Montpelier, Ohio. James has gained a celebrity following from his claims of being a Navy SEAL and he was not. Googling any part of his name with “Navy SEAL” brings up numerous links about him being a 17-year veteran Navy SEAL and he has reaped numerous rewards for something he never earned. I expect Kimo will claim “lost paperwork” that proves he was a SEAL just like he did to KITV in Honolulu. Lost paperwork is just another lie Limo is using to cover his ass.

James is receiving a long overdue keyboard ass beating for deceiving so many people for so long. Arthur Neil Obus is a firearms instructor who couldn’t stand on his own credentials so he begins claiming to be a Navy SEAL Vietnam Vet and he was NEITHER. Arthur, like most phonies I bust, was given a choice. Write on your Website and Facebook that “I was never a Navy SEAL and I’m sorry I’ve mislead you” or you get the YouTube treatment. Arthur put the statement up and then quickly took it down and deleted his website, so now you get the YouTube treatment. To verify any SEAL claim please visit

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