Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK: Phony Navy SEAL of the YEAR!!!

Diane and I traveled again as promised. This time all the way to Oregon to out a rotten ass SEAL imposter. The full length episode will be loaded soon on

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  1. Frank Wait May 25, 2015 at 3:52 pm #

    this man has been vilified and proven to be a genuine navy SEAL on team 2 team eleven class 30. he has excepted apologies from the parties involved. although he understands stolen valor he never thought it would come to his front door. his medals have been verified and proven to be real. the department of defense has issued verifying data and made the sealed documents unsealed. so Mr. wait can publicly claim those awards with out repercussions. this is a double edge sword but Mr. wait fully understands and forgives those of you out thee that momentarily doubted him. Mr. wait has been fully restored at his veterans organizations and the patriots rider club. My God be with you and with your spirit. Although the pentagon has de-classified his service record there are still things he can’t mention. however, he is allowed to allude to those events..just no details. I know Mr. Wait and he is a very nice man and he knows what he did. I am honored to know him.

  2. Robert K March 12, 2016 at 10:00 pm #

    Don Shipley maintains that you are a fake. Why hasn’t Don Shipley retracted his statement and apologized?

  3. John March 13, 2016 at 11:45 pm #

    The guy said he joined the Navy 8 months after “Class 30” graduated. What a sad situation where some old guy is living a lie.

  4. Corey Dowd May 18, 2016 at 3:16 am #

    Frank is a liar. He was never a SEAL couldn’t get ANY dates right, could not name ONE teammate that he worked with. Called his SEAL training class BUD (Now Bud/s) well before that name was designated for training. No listing in the data base, no listing of his medals or awards. Sadly, Frank was clearly living this lie while serving because on his DD-214 he had a young yeoman write Seal-Past on his paper work before detachment. I’ve seen a lot of Don Shipley’s videos. Frank Wait stands out as the most pathetic. I’m sure he cries himself to sleep at night, while masterbating and playing with GI Joes.

  5. Jennifer Cochran May 22, 2016 at 8:22 am #

    I see the comment above, “Frank Wait has been verified as a SEAL, he has accepted” (it’s accepted, not excepted, idiot) “all apologies from parties involved….. he has been declassified, fully restored…” blah blah blah and more bullshit. “I am honored to know him….” YOU’RE THE ONE WRITING THIS! You’re honored to know yourself? Why is Frank Wait talking about himself in third person, is he trying to act like someone is verifying him? Of course Frank Wait would write about himself saying he’s been verified. No over believes your lies, and it’s absurd alp the lengths you’d go to in order to maintain your lies. You forgive people? YOU’RE THE ONE THAT NEEDS FORGIVING, FOR THE LIES AND DISHONOR YOU’VE BROUGHT TO YOURSELF BY CLAIMING YOU’RE A SEAL! You did not earn that trident. You did not serve alongside the best of our country’s men. The Department of Defense did not “unseal” these documents to prove that you are what you claim… they don’t give a shit enough to unseal documents just to bail you outo if accusations.The way you talk about yourself, as if you are someone else who’s so honored to know Mr. Wait, is ridiculous. It’s obvious you’re writing about yourself trying to save face. The only honor you can get from this point out is taking off that trident, apologizing, and admitting the truth. You couldn’t even figure out not to put your name up as the person per? Dimbass. Your phony “Mr. Wait has been verified, I’m honored to know him…” blah blah blah bullshit is fake as fuck and BEYOND obvious that you’re writing about yourself. Pretending to be someone else and lying more will not save you. You’ve been outed, and the fact that you went even further with more lies trying to say you’ve been verified, it’s disgusting. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! Fuck you Frank Wait, Phony SEAL and Valor thief!!!!!!! They should put on your urn, “He was a liar, a coward, and a thief.”

  6. Jennifer Cochran May 22, 2016 at 8:31 am #

    My apologies for all the typos in my comment above… I was pretty pissed… texting at the speed of light lol.

    Thank you Don Shipley for your service. Thank you to your lovely wife for sacrificing your family so that your husband could protect us and fight for our freedom. Thank you Don for all you have done. But most of all, THANK YOU to all of the men, the TRUE SEALs that have sacrificed so much for us. The best of the best our country has to offer. I’m so greatful for all the true SEALs and other service men/women that have fought for our great nation. As a veteran who served in OIF/OEF, served in Afghanistan, I’m HONORED to know that while I was doing my job on the base at Kandahar, the brave SEALs were outside the line, protecting me, so I could go home safely. I was there when Operation Redwing happened, I never knew what was happening outside that fence, what was being sacrificed, so that I could be safe on the air base and go home. I’m so greatful, so thankful, so honored to have been a part of the same military that these men served in. THANK YOU Don Shipley and every other SEAL and service man or women, but mostly THANK YOU TO ALL THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN THAT MADE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE FOR OUR NATION! IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU THAT WE ARE FREE!

  7. Corey Dowd August 14, 2016 at 10:30 am #

    Thank you Jennifer Cochran for your service and sacrifice.

  8. Ratbastid November 1, 2016 at 7:18 am #

    Frank Wait has not done himself any service by making his claims that he was a Navy SEAL in Vietnam and that his service records have all been classified, when there are significant holes in his claims. It also appears that this man is not what he claims to be.
    Shipley maintains that he mandates himself to do diligent preparation and comprehensive research in order to never make mistakes, and insure his confrontations are secure. Watching enough of his “busts’ is convincing enough that he doesn’t waste time and personal money by working on “hearsay”. This phony, Frank, has obviously had so many takers of his fabrications, that he included many very distinguished honors such as receipt of one of the highest awards, the Navy Cross as part of his story. If you can get away with it all, why not go big?
    Frank’s downfall is not only his lies, but his inability to understand that significant resources exist to verify many of his claims, and major lies like receipt of the Navy Cross (all recipients are listed on Wikipedia) will generate red flags. Its actually sad to watch Franks unravelling, but on the other hand exhilarating, as his “stolen valor” has been exposed for all those civilians but also those Military personnel who have earned it and have a right to be proud of their own valor.
    Shipley does a good service not only for the SEALS but for the military at large. His website is illustration of how many of these phonys exist, and a testament to the issue, and how much of a problem PHONY SEALS are.

  9. Rotex29 November 3, 2016 at 4:52 pm #

    Why is Frank Wait, the lying bastard writing about himself as the first post in this feed?. Doesn’t he see that when he hit “submit”, his name goes along with his submission? Did he honestly think that his own words and explanation about himself was going to be posted for all to see and believe? He has tried to post a vindication from what he thinks will show as a third party, but all it is, is HIM!
    This is the stupidity of this man… he just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand that resources exist to debunk all his lies, and that if you post something without hitting “anonymous”, your name will go along with it. Poor fellow, he now is the butt of many jokes I am sure, and probably is still vilified in his home community and among his peers for his actions.

  10. Swisher November 8, 2016 at 9:06 am #

    This has got to be one of the saddest and pathetic cases of Stolen Valor that retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley has outed. Frank Wait spent an awful lot of time, effort and resources in fabricating his service as a commanding officer on SEAL Teams in Vietnam. He has designated himself a recipient of the Navy Cross, (the highest or one of them), which is only unseated by the Congressional Medal of Honor, as well as recipient of Silver Star and Purple Hearts, awards he did not earn. His stories include him crying, which adds to the authenticity of his stories, and as Shipley notes, “he is very polished”, meaning he has prepped himself to back-up the lies. To make matters worse, he has written on this thread, attempting again to use deceit in vindicating himself by writing in the third person. Unfortunately for Frank, his name is attached to his note about himself, in an attempt to try to correct Shipley’s uncovering, which will undoubtedly be discussed at Frank Wait’s local DFW up there in Oregon, and among the Freedom Riders. It looks like Frank has many issues, notwithstanding his fabricated military service. The poor man is outed, he will not be welcome among the veteran’s organizations, and most likely his community will look at Frank with disdain from here on in. He served in Vietnam, and he should just feel good about his service, and his survival. Many poor souls did not return.

  11. Dr. Reed Allyn November 10, 2016 at 10:43 am #

    When I watched and Don Shipley’s efforts on outing phony Navy SEALs, and saw the video on Frank Wait, I was FLABBERGASTED The guy was unbelievable with the number of lies and falsehoods he was spewing, standing there with Shipley exposing his claims and Wait attempting to come up with answers at every turn. When his forged DD2-14 was exposed, he fell first fell back on the ” its classified” ruse, and then on challenging every everything in Shipley’s obtained and real records on the guy, to “knowing what he did”. It just got worse and worse, and Wait continued to stick to his story in spite of it all. Its hard to reconcile how much these individuals do to propagate their lies, including the purchase of all the phony material, including his purchase of the Navy’s highest award, The Navy Cross, the purchase of a Silver Star, Purple Hearts (3) etc. He even had them mounted in a glass case, which probably cost a ton of money too. And the sad part of it is, as Shipley pointed out at the end, is that Wait went out to a guy’s funeral with all his fake medals on, and led the motorcycle ride for the fellow who had earned a legitimate Bronze Star and Purple heart in Okinawa, only to overshadow this man’s valiant service with his bullshit, by taking “bows”. He’s probably thrown out of the Veterans organizations there, and most likely out of the riding club he belongs to, by now. Not sure the other VETS would like this. Frank Wait from Oregon is not a good man for doing this kind of thing.

  12. Beaver November 12, 2016 at 9:35 am #

    I had seen this article about Frank Wait and his ride for a downed Vet in a newspaper sometime ago, and ran across some stuff on the guy on YouTube. It raised my curiosity about him and what he was claiming.
    After reading some comments about the Wait guy on this blog I went to the Seal verify site of Don Shipley to check this out. I was very interested in his story about being a Navy SEAL, and in particular, his illustrious Navy Cross and the Silver Stars, purple hearts he earned. I checked out the database on Navy Crosses and he is not listed. As it turns out, none of it was true. Wait was lying about all of it. Including being a Navy SEAL. Shipley poked holes in everyone of his claims. This guy seemed to have answers for things but then ran out of them. I agree with Allyn on this blog that he shouldn’t have gone on the funeral ride for the Vet who died and displayed all his medals and his stories to overshadow him, as Shipley says, “Here you were, and all this guy had was a “Bronze Star and a Purple heart from Okinawa”. Is Wait still part of the riding fraternity? I would think they might have expelled him and would the Vets organizations in his area in Oregon expel him too? The whole thing about his medals on his wall is stolen valor and now he is breaking the law. But it seems someone else saw him talking about his service and didn’t believe him and told Shipley. Its really too bad, because the guy was crying during his stories about being a Navy SEAL and it seemed like he was really truthful, but in the end it was all lies, and Don Shipley brought the truth out, finally. The whole thing is just bad. There also is somebody writing about the fact that Wait’s records are now uncovered and it proves he is a SEAL. But it looks like Frank Wait is writing that about himself on this blog, am I right? His name is on the entry.Why would he write like he is somebody else. I guess he is lying still.

  13. Harvey Michelson November 15, 2016 at 9:30 am #

    Frank Wait from Coos Bay, Oregon epitomizes what lying about military service can be. What an interesting video! How Mr. Shipley found him and then went across country to confront him is truly astounding. The lengths that this guy would go to stop Wait from continuing to propagate the lying is truly remarkable. It speaks to Mr.Shipley’s character and beliefs. When many of my friends and acquaintances watched the string of videos in which Mr. Shipley opens the book on Frank Wait’s service, and as the sequence unravels, it brings to light the very important problem of stolen valor in the US. In Wait’s case, he was using this, the SEAL claims, the stolen “awards” of the highest magnitude (the Navy Cross?, Silver Star? Purple Hearts?) and no one challenging him on his stories to help validate his participation on these ” motorcycle rides’, involvement with veterans organizations, press, etc. etc., for his own benefit, as it seems. Most interesting was how until the end, Frank Wait maintained his story, did not back down, did not admit any wrongdoing. Shipley left Wait and all his “awards” still hanging on his wall, much to Shipley’s chagrin, as it turns out. The whole thing about Frank Wait from Coos Bay, Orgeon is very disturbing, as it appears that he seems to believe his own fabrications, right to the point of crying and blubbering during his recanting of such to the Veterans or whatever other groups he meets, where they will listen to him. Thankyou to Don Shipley, the man and his wife who spend their hard earned money and time to do this on behalf of their fallen, retired and active service brethren!

  14. Roger Clover December 3, 2016 at 7:51 am #

    I happened to see a video with Frank Wait crying about his military service and that he would like to be remembered as a “good SEAL”. I was quite impressed with how he obviously was passionate about his service and his military memories. I then saw what this retired Navy SEAL Mr. Shipley did, and it became evident that Frank Wait was lying about his Navy record and even being a NAVY SEAL! What an act! After researching Wait’s name I found this blog and see that many other people are commenting and are unbelieving of what this man has been telling people. He even rides on funeral processions for other vets while under the guise of his falsified Navy claims? Has he been expelled from any of the organizations he has duped? He is in pictures with other VETS wearing all these high awards and even a Navy SEAL Trident! What do they think of this? I am not a vet, but I would think they would no longer think much of Frank Wait. My understanding is that a Navy Cross is one of the highest awards one can achieve, and Frank Wait says he earned one, as well as a Silver Star too? That appears to be a very high award too. Purple Hearts (3) too. Man, this really got out of hand for Frank. How would he not understand that all of this stuff can be checked? This was a terrible thing for him to do and then go on the motorcycle ride as the captain for the hero from WW2 that died. There must be bad feelings from the motorcycle group toward Frank.

  15. Nick Uhryn December 8, 2016 at 11:48 am #

    Frank WAit was obviosly lying about his military service and being a Navy SEAL. The videos are really entertaining and this Navy SEAL guy Don Shipley actually goes to Frank’s house in Oregon to confront him about his service. Its on Shipley’s website for his SEAL training courses and his phony SEAL videos. What was totally astounding was that Wait had medals on the wall, which he didn’t earn. One was actually a Navy Cross and a Silver Star. Shipley told him that he was stealing valor and Wait would not back down from his claims indicating that he too had “worked hard” to earn his trident. He threw Shipley out of his house. Wait even had a doctored up DD2-14 saying he was a SEAL “Past” (or “passed” the course, not sure which one but it is bullshit) which is a criminal act in itself! What a pack of lies! Wait is a consummate bullshitter and if anybody has seen his videos where he is crying and telling his SEAL stories, he should qualify to be an award winning actor! FRANK WAIT is unbelivable! Frank Wait should not be allowed in the Vets organizations and dissallowed from Riding a motorcycle with funeral processions because he lied to all of those guys, who obviously believed him about being a Navy SEAL. Good work, Shipley!

  16. Del Monaco December 15, 2016 at 8:11 am #

    Mr Don Shipley retired NAVY SEAL, firstly thank-you for your service to y our country. Secondly, thankyou for what you did in uncovering a man who was stealing valor from those who have earned it. Particularly those in Vietnam who didn’t return. Frank Wait’s phony stories are really unbelievable, to the point where he actually starts crying during a recantation of his meeting with an old instructor, and then crying about people remembering him when he is gone as a “good SEAL” ? This guy was not a quiet liar. He stood up at meetings, used a microphone to spew his garbage, and took pictures and participated in events in full color. Medals, tridents, SEAL advertising, the whole shabang! Frank Waites problem is the internet and guys like Don Shipley. Coming up with chronic bullshit about all of it being “classified” is a great way to navigate through any confrontation with the uninitiated, but when a guy like Shipley gets the case, its all over but the crying. (no pun intended there, Frank). I am sure Wait didn’t expect the horror that was about to unfold when Shipley appeared in his driveway, pictures in hand, computer loaded up, and a full knowledge of all the bullshit Frank had told. What’s interesting is that Wait is so arrogant and confident that he could bullshit his way out of anything, he didn’t seem surprised at this stranger appearing at 8:30 in the morning at his home, and asking him questions about his service. He was eager to continue the path down bullshit alley almost like he was going to have fun with it, weaving all his stories, and when he had enough fun, eventually pulling out his doctored DD2-14 to put it all to rest and get rid of Shipley. However, Shipley had a little different idea for what was going to happen to Frank. Too bad Shipley didnt get him to pull the phony medals off his wall, is all I can say!

  17. Boozehound December 18, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    @Del Monaco
    Del, I did see that Wait video and frankly (again no pun intended…haha) he was an elaborate, polished and incredible liar , and so conceited that he didn’t withdraw his claims he had been making, including the award of the Navy Cross, when Shipley confronted him in person and at Frank’s home in Coos bay, Oregon! What is really sad is that Frank’s claims come out of the Vietnam era and that was a bad war for everyone and a lot of kids died there, and Waits strategy by the looks of things is that its far enough back that fact checking might be more difficult to do, so he could spew more and more lies and make them more and more incredible. The “classified” angle was used, including Laos and Cambodia, thus his “secret” medals. What i understand is that there aren’t any secret commendations and the Navy Cross recipients are online, no?
    What Frank also didn’t seem to count on was guys like Don Shipley and the internet, and records and freedom of information. However, Frank WAit grabbed enough attention already that he’s mentioned in blogs:
    where his accomplishments and medal acheivements are still admired and written about. Frank also seems to believe what he says as he bawls when he tells his stories of being a Navy SEAL and wishes that people will think of him as a “GOOD SEAL, when hes dead. Academy award winner, Frank Wait! What a pack of lies, Frank!

  18. Prokusi December 24, 2016 at 9:06 am #

    For the love of god! Don Shipley does it again! Another massive liar hits the speaking circuit! Frank Wait is nearly outdone by Raymond Floyd Sutherland, the VP of Rolling Thunder of Maryland, the motorcycle mechanic, Michael Orlando Hall in New Orleans and Robert Krowel, the mortgage broker in California. Shipley is asked to verify each of them and confronts them as well. These guys had some unbelievable stories and tons of lies too, but Wait takes the cake as the biggest liar of them all! He is over the top with his stories and its hell entertaining, but the sad part of it all is that he lies to all the VETs who are in the Freedom riders up there in Oregon. I wonder if they still talk to him, or he is shunned from the DFW up there in Coos Bay? I am sure they are upset as Frank posted all kinds of pictures of himself wearing the Navy Seal trident, his Navy cross and other awards he stole while in the company of other VETs. He also has captained rides on the motorcycles for those VETS who have passed and honorably served and were awarded “real” medals. He steals THEIR valor!
    Frank, you have nobody but yourself to blame, as well as all the other guys who Shipley outs! Don’t tell your stories to the wrong person, but better yet, don’t tell the stories, period! That goes for all those guys!

  19. Mike V. December 31, 2016 at 6:25 am #

    This Video of Frank Wait ( from Oregon has got to be one of Shipley’s shining moments of busting a guy who has lied the masses with a story so absurd and full of faked emotion (or maybe not) that it had me scratching my head! The in-person confrontation ( Shipley has with Wait outside Wait’s home was absolutely bizarre! A distinguished SEAL in Don Shipley being told these lies from a guy who has little Naval experience, and is claiming to have been awarded a Navy Cross, is truly astounding. I agree with one of the posters here who mentioned that Frank is arrogant and thinks he can control the situation. Shipley gets Frank cornered, but Frank is going to have some fun yanking Shipley around before he goes to what he thinks is his “ace in the hole”. Frank finally pulls his DD214 out to put the whole matter to rest and get Shipley to go away and then Shipley picks that apart as being forged or at least full of misinformation appropriated by Wait. STOLEN VALOR, FRANK. Daytime EMMY award for the bullshit acting Frank and the faked awards you purchased and framed! Top of the heap, number one, the best liar we’ve seen!

  20. Janet A. January 6, 2017 at 10:34 am #

    Shipley does it again! Frank Wait is one of those liars who has the arrogance to lie to Don Shipley, an accomplished SEAL, himself who traveled cross county to accost Frank and get to the bottom of his claims to be a Navy SEAL, UDT 11 and BUDS #30, including the distinguished Navy Cross Award for bravery, the Silver Star award for bravery and three Purple Hearts!!! WHOOHOO!
    What I couldn’t believe was the stories this man was weaving! From old drill instructors who remembered him 50 years later to having his epitaph say “He was a great SEAL” and crying while telling people this. Can you believe it?
    Frank really knew how to spin the tales. His crying while telling his stories in public at veterans events (those guys must be pissed), only served to enhance the “credibility” of his bushels of lies. Not only does Frank harm the service at large with his lies, he must have some personal problems to be out there telling people all of this stuff, and then getting caught and not owning up to it, like he did with Shipley. (he throws him and his wife out of his house when Shipley calls him out)
    All those vets up in Coos Bay, Oregon must be really angry with Frank, because he also is a posing as a motocyle Ride Captain for a Vietnam vet with a bronze star and a purple heart (earned) who passed away! Frank, please stop telling your stories. I see you tried to correct the problem you have by writing in as the first person here, pretending to be someone else who can vouch for Frank. Come on Frank, it says its you! Stop the lies, Frank.

  21. Billy Shusler January 8, 2017 at 8:42 am #

    I think anyone who would view this video related to Frank Wait from Coos Bay Oregon, would be truly astounded by the arrogance and bullshit he displays claiming to be a former Navy SEAL in Vietnam.
    This video posted here and on is unbelievable. If you check out the story on Frank Wait that Don Shipley puts on his site, ( ) its gotta been the finest stolen valor bust ever recorded. Frank Wait must be ostracized by the VETS community by now, for what he has done which has to be terrible, as I’m sure he has many of these Vets believing him as being a bonafide Navy SEAL. Frank has even gone on funeral motorcycle rides in honor of VETs who have passed, and posed as a SEAL, he’s also been written up by some of the local organizations in the towns they pass through as a SEAL, and they’ve announced that he will be “regaling” other VETS with his Navy SEAL tales (tall tales as it is now shown), so Frank has gotten a lot of press with his bullshit. What is so amazing is that he is so arrogant with Shipley, that he figures he’s got him over a barrel. What is impressive is that Shipley has done his homework on Wait, and has him pinned down on no official SEAL record, no training class attendance, no Navy Cross or Silver star awards, no purple hearts no anything. Incredible. Frank honestly must think that the world is stupid. Navy Crosses for example, can be verified. Anyone can look up the recipients given one, and they are all there on the internet for the world to see. This honor is only second to the Congressional Medal of Honor! WTF? For the love of God, Frank. you wouldn’t give it up finally when Shipley had you dead to rights, and you continue with it, by writing what you did here at Vet Resources right at the top of these entries?!! Faking your own post, trying to gain more sympathy as I am sure you are backpedalling big time on your claims with the boys up in Coos BAy Oregon at the DFW! Shame on you, Frank, its terrible what he has done. To even begin to think that he’d never be uncovered with so many records available, the internet, the freedom if information act, its all there for the world to see, Frank. He cannot make up stories, lie to people, lie to those who believe Frank WAit down at the VETS organization, even steal Valor from that man Frank was the ride captain for. He only had a Bronze Star and a purple heart for his service which he earned, and owned, even as they lowered him into the ground. How Frank can stand over him and do “one better” over this hero with his phony Navy Cross, Silver Star and Purple Heart claims? Despicable. My blood is boiling to think of the theft of this man’s honor. What he did and what he earned overshadowed by Franks phony SEAL trident and his medals hanging off his bike jacket when this man is supposed to be honored? Frank didn’t honor anyone with his lies. A forged DD – 2-14, phony medal case, online purchase of SEAL Tridents and Navy medals, crying while speaking about being as SEAL to other VETs, Even the local news in Coos Bay Oregon has begun to post his stories as being untrue. It must be difficult living there now with everyone on to his stories and his bullshit. Stop lying, Frank. Its hurting everyone who believes you, the community, the vets, everyone!

  22. Joe October 30, 2017 at 3:55 pm #

    Really sad how this guy is so gone that he lied to even his family. Then gets on this very website and claims he’s someone else and that he was a Seal. Didn’t realize it posted his name.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed himself after this. His entire town knows he’s a phony.

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