Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK: Part 1 Daniel Alan Bernath, the Phony SEAL Stalker Clown

Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley and his wife of 36-years travel to Fort Myers Florida to confront Phony Navy SEAL, Phony Navy Chief, wearer of Awards he didn’t receive, Disgraced Attorney, Internet Stalker, Assaulter of Judges and a discredit to the Navy with his three (whole) lousy years of crap service. Dan was BOOTED off YouTube like he was in the Navy Dan’s new cowardly YouTube Channels are under Zigmund Kachitski and Ann Koschmann A disgraced Attorney, Dan can NO LONGER practice law from assaulting judges, not paying child support, and frauding his clients by forging their signatures and shredding their documents to hide from wrongdoing.

JOIN THE FIGHT at and help us keep BUSTING phonies like Daniel Alan Bernath.

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