Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK: Retired DEVGRU, Red Cell, Navy SEAL Warrant Officer answers “Most Rewarding Operation.”

Retired Navy SEAL, DEVGRU, Red Cell, Warrant Officer Robbie answers a question, “What was the most rewarding operation you did as a SEAL?”

Chief Warrant Officer Robbie joined the Navy in 1980 and graduated BUD/S Class 120 in 1982. “Robbie” served at Underwater Demolition Team Eleven, SEAL Team Five, SEAL Team Two, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One, Red Cell, Naval Special Warfare Development Group and retired from the Naval Special Warfare Center as an Advanced Training Instructor after 22 years of Naval service and began many years as a government contractor. To ask Robbie a question send to [email protected] or watch his online segment “Ask Warrant Officer Shit” by joining or attending a SEAL Training Course he runs at

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