VA Secretary Shulkin in Support of Senate Accountability Bill

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin is issuing the following statement in support of the Senate Accountability Bill:

“I’m pleased to see the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee moving forward tomorrow on our much-needed accountability bill, and hope the senators pass it promptly without delay.

Another example from this month underscores the need for accountability at VA: An employee who was convicted no fewer than three times for driving under the influence of alcohol, and who just served a 60-day jail sentence, is now returning to work at a VA facility.

No other hospital system or business would have to put up with this, and the Senate bill is a solid first step on accountability. More to come.”

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  1. james f cosson May 31, 2017 at 12:27 pm #

    Dr. David J. Shulkin
    Im a disabled American Veteran and I moved to the philippines for a much needed slower and simple life I was discharged on 02-22-1974 for the US NAVY I had a head injury while in and ever sense then things went south.100% disable and i live 400 miles from the only clinic.My life consists of waking up(when i can sleep) and going to what i call my office 6×8 room and thats where i stay. the depression even tho hard i deal wit but the mania is another thing. The racing thoughts pounding heart hiper ventilating is very difficult i tried to fly to the VA in Manilla but when i got to the checkin at the airport they said i didnt look well enough to fly so i went home 19 days later Aug11th 2016 i had a massive heart attack and woke up in ICU private hospital I started tring to get out of there because I couldnt afford the bill and the hospital already got 3100.00 usd from s cash twards the bill and i still owe 320.00usd I coontacted the Va in Manilla and ask for reinbursment and they said i was only covered by suicide they said my heart condition has nothing to do with the bipolar and i sent them a medical actical from WEBMD clearly showing its at the top of the list

    WEBMD clears the facts about bipolar and links to heart attacks such as i had and i need my bill paid and need coe for follow up because i am in bad shape thank you 032-490-0594
    Many serious illnesses or conditions coexist with depression. They include:
    Heart attack
    Coronary artery disease (without heart attack)
    Parkinson’s disease
    Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis or lupus
    Kidney disease
    I cant afford any follow up care they refuse to give me a paper saying i can visit a doctor here and IM LEFT TO DIE. I SIT NOW IN SILENCE LISTENING TO EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART WONDERING WHEN IT WILL STOP I NEED HELP AND THE PEOPLE AT THE VA HERE ARE UNCHECKED AND DO AS THEY PLEASE.THEY ARE NOT HERE TO SERVE THE VETERANS BUT TO MAKE A PAY CHECK if i cant get your help to try to get better Please see to it my family here is given the honors of my death through and honor guard I will at least have 1 hour of honor in this messed up life ive been left with IN ALL DUE RESPECT THANK YOU

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