Women’s History Month 2020

Women Veterans are the largest growing demographic here at the VA, and it’s important that we are ready to serve them when they transition out of the military.

As a Veteran myself, I know how important it is for women that have worn the uniform, to get the best care.

We have passionate employees that care for all of our Veterans.

Women are not only coming to VA for health care, they’re coming here to lead it. Sixty percent of our workforce is female and, of that, 30% of them are Veterans.

As Chief of Staff, I promise you that we will continue transforming this department, to meet the needs of all of our Veterans. We will continue to serve them with the respect and the dignity that this country owes them.

Learn about all the great benefits that we have here at VA — they’re here for you.

– Pamela J. Powers
VA Chief of Staff

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