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    1. Moddy
      Here more information about my claim.The DRO Informal Hearing (in which the DRO told me that I would not be going to anymore hearings, said on Aug 29, 2016, 2 issues were being addressed, which was a already service-connected 10% Shoulder Increase and PTSD. Thats it. QTC Exam for shoulder was a month later and then the QTC Exam for PTSD a month My diagnosis is F43.10 PTSD, and F33.1
    2. Moddy
      I had a hearing with the DRO on (Sept 1. 2016). I had a QTC Exam for PTSD on (Nov 16, 2016) with the word "EXPEDITE" in Big Bold Red Letters. Now that the Exam is done, Its now (Dec 21, 2016) who long before you think I recieve any papers on the decision. This is about the best reply I came up with on another side. Its Now Been Exactly 5 weeks.
    3. Wingman
      I have two vechiles I would like to donate to Vets. There doesn't seem to be a 'list' of Vets with specific or certain needs that I can access.
      I do NOT wish to donate the vechiles to a separate org that sells the cars then gives the money to the charity I choose, but rather get these vechiles into the Vets hand directly.
      My wishes are to give to those Vets that have been in direct battle (have been shot at or have been shot), are married and have children, do not currently have a car (or one that is on it's last legs) and have the means to take care of the car (wash it, change oil, etc.)

      My purpose is to get these two vechiles into the hands of those who will MOST benefit from them.

      Can you help?

      If you need my phone number let me know. I live in Southern California in Orange County. I can also send pix of the cars.

      [email protected]
    4. barfinkl
      TinCanMan ~ I have been award SC for AO DMII at 20% because I'm on meds for it. I recently read that you can be awarded additional compensation for cataracts that are attributable to SC DMII and have been removed and replaced with lens inserts. How best do I file a claim for that? My opthamologist stated to me that they are caused by the DMII. Do I file the claim and let the VA request the pertinent info from my opthamologist or is it better to get a letter upfront from him stating the connection and submit it with my claim?
    5. cqlink

      Where might I find information concerning the dates that the VA will accept claims for presumptive diseases due to AO exposure in Vietnam. The earliest date is what I am seeking


      Steve C.
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