65 coming, 100% (connected) what to do with medicare ???????

Discussion in 'Health Care Benefits' started by Paco, Jan 12, 2015.

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    I am new guy so please forgive if I am asking something you have answered previously

    I will be 65 shortly and need to know what if any Medicare I must carry

    I have 2 VA hospitals within an hour drive and a CBOC @ 14mi

    my disabilities do not require constant visits
    Meds come in mail

    I do not pay for any health care now and I want to ensure it remains that way

    a worst case scenario
    I am transported to a non VA facility

    VA says they pay even if not connected

    medicare says they are first payer
    does this mean I am now subject to medicares shortcomings and co-pays if I sign up

    and if I do sign up part A would I not need B ? as nowadays the only people in hospital that are not contractors are either nurses, house keeping or desk jockeys

    I have asked this question to Social security, medicare, CBOC. VA eligibility offices and the answers are not consistent

    apparently this is one of those GREY areas
    need input from one who been there

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