A Message From Carol, AKA CADII

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    A message from Carol Dunlap: (AKA on Veterans Resources as - CADII

    Dear Friend,

    As of today, 3,774 soldiers and an estimated 1.2 million civilians have lost their lives in Iraq. Now, I don't know exactly what it's going to take to end this tragic war, but it has to stop. That's why I wanted to take this moment to remind the Senate of the true cost of this war and why it is so important that they bring our troops home NOW. Your senator needs to face the true cost of war.

    TrueMajorityACTION, one of my favorite groups, has prepared an individual photo memorial for every American who has died in Iraq, including their picture, name, age, military unit, hometown, and the circumstances of their death. TrueMajorityACTION members will mail the face of one casualty from their state every day until their senators stop delaying this debate so we can move forward to stop the escalation of the war. Can you join us?

    It's so important that our government remembers that this war is costing us the lives of our men and women, and they have a responsibility to take the right steps to start bringing our troops home.

    Click below to join and get started sending your first memorial to your senator today.


    I clicked on this and was surprised of the number of photos of KIA's from PA alone.

    I'm now participating in this program. How about joining us former VVnW Vietnam Vets~

    What Have You Done For A Veteran Today???

    Thanks Carol,

    Semper Fi

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