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Discussion in 'Health Care Benefits' started by Rattruck, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Does Tricare or the VA pay for Adult Day Care Services or in-home services (personal care, respite)?

    These services allow the elderly to age gracefully while remaining in their own homes and not a nursing home. They are also much less expensive than nursing home care.

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    I'm not personally aware of any Adult Day Care benefits under Tricare but that doesn't mean something isn't available. Try the following Tricare links. You should be able to call or e-Mail a question to your TriCare Management group.

    Tricare Contacts

    TriCare Home Page
    See Getting Help link in left frame

    The VA offers a Special Monetary Compensation for Aid and Attendance. You need to be 100% + have an additional 60% to qualify. Some area's offer Adult Day Health Care but I don't know if it is available nation wide. Worth calling the folks in VISN 2 and ask if they have any links in your area. Hopefully Vike will be along shortly to offer some insight into SMC.

    Adult Day Health Care VISN 2

    Don't forget to check with your state's Veterans Home. Most operate with financial support from the VA and may have some outreach services.

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