Age bar up to 42 for Army enlistees !

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    The U.S. Army has raised the maximum enlistment age for men and women for the Army and Army Reserve from 40 to 42. The Army raised the active-duty age limit to 40 in January as an interim step while it worked out additional medical screening requirements for recruits age 40 to 42. Before January, anyone over age 34 was refused. The Army Reserve age limit was raised from 35 to 40 in March 2005. More than 1,000 individuals over age 35 have enlisted in the Army and Army Reserve since the age limits were raised.

    Raising the maximum age for Army enlistment expands the recruiting pool. All applicants must meet eligibility standards, including passing the same physical standards and medical examination; however, those 40 to 42 will be given additional medical screening. from the - Scranton Times-Tribune - PA, USA

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