Agent Orange in Koera 69

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    Just got my Decision letter on on my AO clam for type 2 Diabetes, b cell lymphoma in my right eye, and loss of hearing. the first to are because of lack of service in an exposed area. I served at Camp Sears in Korea. as a 92c20 petro lab teck. There was no lab at Camp Sears , but there was drums of chemicals stored there, that i was required to get samples from monthly. I also made meany trips to different areas of the DMZ.
    I am going to appeal. My question have anyone used any of the service groups? ie DAV.
    I have found pictures of the tree less areas around Camp Sears. and of the DMZ.
    Also if there is any one who served at Camp Sears in 68-69 I would love to here from them.

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