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    the decision on my request for an addition for rate increase in disability benefits for diabetic nueropothy and a new claim for aschemic heart disease was finally (after a year and six months) received.the cardiac claim was granted but because it didn't grade out to 19% ,i don't qualify for the minimum 10% ..if a quadraplegic or blind vet merits a 100% rating ,does that mean they must grade out at 110%? also the nueropothy increase was denyed stating the qualifing tests did not show a significant increase other than the nominal progression of the disease.(initial test was for pins and needles in hands and its burning,pins and needles,along with intermittent numbness that hampers walking.) so no increase in that rating percentage.even though the initial testing included electrical nerve testing(not familiar with actual test nomenclature) it was not part of the increase claim. being poked with a toothpick like instrument and standing for a visual observation ,doesn't strike me as an equivelent test procedure.seems that the stress put on the va because of the backlog in claims and threats of sequestration cuts, that the denials and no increase decisions for benefits ,are influencing the "deciders" to balance the books on the veterans that did their duty. anyone experience simular decisions and what course of action if any can be taken to recitfy our situations.god bless the USA

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