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Discussion in 'Disability' started by Windsor, Mar 19, 2015.

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    Hello. Let me start with saying that I have NOT received my packet yet, just looking at the info on EBenefits.
    I actually have filed the claim twice. The first was filed in AZ in August 2013, but for a reason they could not explain, it never got put through. Filed again in Dec 2013 in OR, and this was submitted as a first time filing.

    I just received my rating today, and when looking at my benefits letter it says effective date is Dec 2014. From reading, I believe that back pay gets set to date of original filing or first treatment, whichever is later. I am a little confused by this because I filed in Dec 2013 , and was first treated in Sept 2013.

    Does anyone have an idea why there is a year difference from what should be the effective date and what EBenefits is showing?

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