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Discussion in 'Disability' started by MikeE, Nov 13, 2008.

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    I am a 54 y.o. male single Caucasian veteran with no dependents. Had heart attack in 2003. Lost job in Sep./08 driving big rig due to heart ejection fraction falling to 39%. Federal D.O.T. wants it at 40% to drive a large truck 26,001 lbs. or over & will not give waiver on the 1% difference.

    Regional V.A. counselor advised me to apply for & now receiving non service connected V.A. disability pension of $931.00/mo. since Oct., 2008. V.A. has me at 100% disabled.

    Uneligible for V.A. vocational rehab. but applied for state vocational rehab. Awaiting their reply. I am retraining myself studying for computer certifications. When begin sending resumes to computer employers, will my having drawn disability hurt my employment chances, & if so how might I overcome this?

    Are there any real chances of my getting any state or federal grants for starting my own business & would being a disabled veteran give me a better chance at that? Would anyone know of any good sites/links to visit regarding these possible grants?

    Thanks for any advice.


    P.S. Excuse me for posting message on another forum. If forbidden, please alert me.

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