BuzzBGone Uses No Harmful Or Toxic Chemicals To Kill Bugs

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    The suction fan that pulls the insects into the killing trap is designed to be very quiet. Customers from all over regard it as a praiseworthy attribute of BuzzBGone as they are able to enjoy quiet moments in the space of their preference. Since BuzzBGone uses no harmful or toxic chemicals to kill bugs in the environment, it is an extremely safe device to be used around sensitive beings like babies, senior citizens or pets like birds. With features such as portability, light weight and long battery life BuzzBGone becomes a multipurpose appliance suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors. Its 360 degrees fan is powerful enough to suck in insects from all directions, clearing up the atmosphere efficiently. In addition, BuzzBGone is built sturdy and resistant to withstand usage in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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