C&P exam / QTC exam?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by skinerine, Jan 7, 2008.

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    Not to sound like a total idiot....... This C&P exam, is it the same as the QTC exam? In my recent dealings (VA ) with all my disability issues, I do not recall a C&P exan. Maybe labeled something else.

    I did have a QTC exam covering my claimed disabilities, and I have been reading some items on your preperation for the C&P exam (PTSD).

    Based on my disability rating paperwork, this QTC exam diagnosed me (Although I have seen numerous doctors in relation to my PTSD) with the level PTSD I have. I will tell you, it lasted all of 10 minutes. The doctor asked me some very specific questions, some of my thoughts and that was it..

    I assume he maybe read all my previous records from the numerous head shrinks I saw and down played the issues. I don't know, i'm not the doctor nor am I the individual in the waiting room talking to himself (only to see him outside shooting the Sh*T with his buddies laughing it off). I feel my mistake is hiding this issue and trying to act normal when I'm not......... And maybe some level of pride or refusal to accept a weakness. I have looked at this whole issue in that manner and that adds to my issues. After lossing 16 years of service and trying to act like nothing is wrong or anything is owed to me, might be a major part of the problem. That is on top of the horrible time I (as well others) had in Iraq. It's just yesterday to me....

    It's all good though.... I'm submiting my NOD and I will most surely listen to the advice in the PTSD section as well as Vike 17 of this forum. No hiding anything, I have been dealing with these issues since 2004 (half way into my tour in Iraq) and it has done nothing but destroyed my life and my family.

    Thanks to all of you who post in this forum, it is great to read about the issues out there and educate my dumb a** so I don't get hung out to dry....

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    QTC is just a contractor performing C&P exams. Understand a C&P is no medical treatment and can be quite brief. Some exams do not require a specialist or even a physician. It all depends on the existing medical evidence and just what information the rating specialist might need that is otherwise unavailable on record.
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    Welcome Bro!

    Sorry your having such a rough time! A lot of the guys and gals have had the same mess to deal with, just like you. I consider myself in the same boat!

    I had a brother who served in Korea and Vietnam as a grunt and as advisor in Nam in 1965!! 26 yrs total! Anyway, He was wouded in both wars. Shot in the chest in Vietnam. He lost that lung.

    Well I guess my point here is, that he is now 76 yrs old, and just started getting 100% disability from the VA. It sucks man! I've been given 30% for PTSD, and am in the process of appealing. I guess, my brother thought the same way most of do, we're wussy or something is wrong with just us. Well after reading others stories, we're all in the same boat!

    I personally feel gradification when i just say welcome home to a fellow soldier, man or woman! I know the nurse that took care of me were wonderful, and don't think a lot of us would have made it with thier help!

    Hey, I guess I just started rambling, and don't have any advice other than ask the the guys on this site any questions you may have, as there are a bunch of good people here. Again, sorry for rambling, but I think you know all about that too!

    Welcome Home!

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