Candlelight Poems For Our Missing Men

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    In 1988 I was voted in as the Newsletter Editor of local chapter Vietnam Veterans Of America chapter 330 in Ft. Worth, Texas. I was challenged with the thought of naming our newsletter and I wanted something which would be meaningful. I came up with the name "The Candlelight" as a beacon light for our POW/MIA's to find their way home. It seemd appropriate to write a poem for them. I ended up with about 48 poems. Here are two of them.

    The Awesome Sound

    The awesome sound as it hit the floor
    came from my eyes that cried
    Screaming loudly they went on their way
    tears for our brothers who died

    Sure our brothers are remembered
    as we make our way today
    We're home now with our loved ones
    In the good ole US of A

    That awesome sound is not new to me
    or the other vets that I am with
    That is a true told story
    It's damn sure not a myth

    Now as I kneel upon my knee
    listening to those screaming tears
    I know they're for missing comrades
    the ones gone for many years.

    Former Prisoner

    I talked to a former prisoner
    who today is alive and well
    He told me about the 4 plus years
    when life was a living hell

    He escaped one night from a little cage
    through the jungles he then ran
    He had no sense of direction
    But he damn sure had a plan

    An American unit he finally found
    after days of being alone
    And soon he was on the silver bird
    on his freedom flight back home

    Just down the steps he kissed the ground
    for it was in the US of A
    and after all those many painful years
    he will never forget that day

    This is a very short story
    of a man who saw the light
    And he hopes and prays for our MIA's
    for them to see our Candlelight​

    If you have enjoyed these poems I will add more later.
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    Both of these are beautiful!!
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    Thank You!

    Dog Tag!

    These were great! Thanks for sharing!

    173rd Herdman!

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