Causes of Water Quality Problems in Ponds and Lakes

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    After years of working for multi-million dollar Water Freedom System Review WT companies, I understand now that neither geography nor size dictates excellence in the WT field. Only the human mind, passion, dedication, and hands-on experience do. This statement speaks volumes when choosing your vendor to protect your buildingĀ“s tenants from contracting Legionella.According to the NY State DOHMH, only a "QUALIFIED PERSON" may inspect your cooling tower.

    The NY State defines a qualified person as a certified water technologist with training and experience developing management plans and performing inspections in accordance with current standard industry protocols including, but not limited to ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2015; a New York State licensed and registered professional engineer; a certified industrial hygienist; or an environmental consultant who has at least two (2) years of operational experience in water management planning and operation.

    The majority of Water treatment technicians do not meet these requirements. Ask your WT vendor ' s representative if they meet these requirements.These cooling tower inspections are hindrances to WT companies, because these companies are already swamped with all of their clients and associated problems. In many regards, they struggle to take care and support their clients. Even worse, some WT companies have a tendency to only provide the bare minimum and, at times, clients do not get serviced for 2 to 3 months. As a direct consequence, WT companies lose many accounts (cancellation of services). However, by the time that they would lose an account, another company would sign up with them. This is what we call in the WT world... A WASH.

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