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Discussion in 'Disability' started by djwave, Jun 2, 2007.

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    I am service connected for my right wrist. This past April I had 4 bones fused
    (4-point fusion, plate and 5 screws) and had one bone removed. As I read Section 5214 I have a few questions. (I hope I am applying the appropriate section)

    -Since my wrist is fused what does it mean "unfavorable, in
    any degree of palmar flexion?" I know that palmar flexion is the
    movement with wrist and forearm straight, palm down and the
    movement is downward.

    -With the wrist fused and bone removed is this considered "minor"
    or "major?"

    If I am applying the wrong section, please let me know. Thanks for such a great forum!
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    Your doctor would best be the person to answer medical questions.

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