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    Good afternoon . My name is Tom Retired from Air Force july 31 2010 , Finally recieved disability rating from va on 22 april 2011 after they Lost my package 4 times the rating says 60 % original award 1064.00 effective 1 sep 2010 for some reason not sure why they chose that date amount paid 0 amount with held 1064.00 ? and retired pay adjustment 1064.00 amount paid 1064.00 effective 1 may 2011. I have spoken to many people and researched several forums and depending on when you retired everyone seems to have a different story including the people at dfas and VA they all contradicct each other alone va and dfas people have told me several different stories everything from because I am retired I wont recieve retro and others saying I will recieve retro in a few days until finaly the dfas lady telling me they dont process or consider retro until the first regular payment is made in june...Please anyone retired recently know the real deal on this . Thanks for any answers and thanks for all your military service...Tom

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