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    I am in need of some advice.I am so upset over the handling of my CRSC.I sent the application in on August 5 of 2016.I called the number that is provided numerously an finally on 5 May 2017 I was told the decision was made an was told that a letter was mailed an here it is 5 July 2017 an still no letter.After begging they told me that they sent a second letter.Once again no letter.I tried to pull the decision letter up on the Army Human Resources website an nothing.Iam 90% thru the Army an 100% thru the VA.I even went as far as asking for help on the US Army help online website an my response was it was resolved which is totally wrong.Looking for some one who has a number an email or a fax number for someone higher up that I can help me to resolve this issue.Once again 5 August 2017 an it will be one year.I have talked to supervisor at the number that is provided an she is rude with me an refuses to give me any info on who I can contact to resolve this matter.This is the financial future of my family so how can I plan for them if I know nothing at all about what the decision was.

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