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Discussion in 'Disability' started by neumaiek, Nov 28, 2006.

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    I have seen a number of re-evaluations of current disabilities for the stated purpose of reducing the S/C percentage. The view of the VARO has been that the symptoms of the claimed disability has gotten "better." The fact is that the medication the vet is using is effective.

    Latest example is a vet who is S/C 100% and the VA wants to reduce him to 40% because he is not having the gran-mal seizures he experienced prior to two years ago. The reason is that the VAMC has prescribed some very effective medications. If he stops taking the meds... the gan-mals start again. The primary care physician stated in the medical records that the vet not drive. The VARO respond with that being only the doctors "recommendation."

    So I ask: Are other Vets seeing this occure? and any suggestions on approaching the VARO's about this very short sighted and seemingly vindictive harasment.

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    "FNG"(1st post) here- 100% "P&T" since 1995; actually 2000 decision retro to 1995, , been a disabled vet since 2 weeks after I got RELAD in feb of 1981. 7 years total active duty, USN(73-76) & USCG(77-81).

    I kinda agree with Kurt, but I'll go one step further and say it ain't just VA admin(benefits), it "overlaps" to VA medical as well. And I'm just as sure that we'd all have a better chance of seeing Elvis in the next 5 minutes than we would of EVER being able to prove anything like that.

    And I think its aimed squarely in the faces of us older disabled vets in the broad age range of 40 to 55-60 years old. I just think that the VA's looking for ways to save a buck or two, or clear out the clinics at the VAMC's to make room for all the returning Iraq men & woman.

    I got no choice but to use the VA for healthcare, and I'm regularly and routinely at the VAMC I've been using since the early 90's(VAMC Jamaica Plain Ma, its a part of Boston), and while its something ya can't put yer finger on, there's just some kind of "undercurrent" there, and its been like that for the last couple years.

    The VA C.A.R.E.S. program did have this VAMC on the chopping block, but they met ALOT of resistance and just recently decided against closing it. That MAY have something ta do with the way ya feel when yer in the facility, but I don't think its the whole thing.

    And as far as the VARO that "runs my case" (VARO Boston), I just generally stay as far away from them as possible. I had a REALLY tough time with them when I was working my appeal, it was remanded back and forth between my VARO and the BVA four times(for the EXACT SAME THING), and finally even the BVA got sick and tired of my VARO and wrote the award decision themselves.

    I'm re-entering the frey though, and again cause I don't have any choice.

    I JUST (as in 2 days ago) applied thru VONAPP for "Independent Living Services" and right after the holidays applying for a "Specially Adaptive Housing Grant", I'll keep ya posted on how it goes, try to get a "feel" of the sentiment towards older vets from my VARO-JRC

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