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    The Director's Corner by Karl H. Bernhardt

    "Welcome to the 2nd issue this year of the DFAS Retired Pay Newsletter. In this issue you will find information addressing Disability Retirements. A member of the Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) or the Permanent Disability Retired List (PDRL) is a retired member of the armed forces. You remain entitled to all rights and privileges of the retired status..." Read more from the director at www.dfas.mil/rna-news/may2007/directorscorner.html.

    Retired Pay Greater than 75% for Over 30 Years Service

    One of the more significant changes made by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 (Public Law 109-364) was the lifting of the 75% cap used in the calculation of retired pay. Effective January 1, 2007, anyone retiring due to service and who has served in excess of 30 years of total active service will receive credit for service over 30 years. More information about Retired Pay can be found here: www.dfas.mil/rna-news/may2007/retiredpay.html.

    Disability Retirements

    Unfortunately, some members of the armed forces are retired due to disabilities they receive during their service. Federal law, as well as DoD and service regulations, requires a thorough review of each individual's case in determining the level of disability and entitlement to disability retirement. Read more about disability retirement at www.dfas.mil/rna-news/may2007/disabilityretirement.html.

    Protecting Your Home Computer Helps Protect Your myPay Account

    Recently, security gaps on a small number of Servicemembers' personal home computers allowed their myPay PIN to be captured and used. Read more about how this happened and precautions to take to prevent malicious software installation on a personal home computer at www.dfas.mil/rna-news/may2007/pcsecurity.html.

    SBP Annuity's Two-Tier Increase

    Over 200,000 recipients of Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuities will see an increase in their monthly payments deposited on May 1, 2007. Congress approved legislation in 2005 that will eliminate the Social Security offset reduction that applies to the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuity over a three and a half year period beginning October 1, 2005. Learn more about Survivor Benefit Plan annuities at www.dfas.mil/rna-news/may2007/sbpannuity.html.

    2006 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Questions and Answers

    Common questions and answers regarding Direct Deposit Accounts, Standard Form 1099R, and myPay ID and Passwords can be found at www.dfas.mil/rna-news/may2007/customerfaqs.html.

    Retiree Seminars and Conferences

    DFAS participates with the military services in holding Retiree Seminars throughout the year at various locations. These seminars are typically one day and provide a forum for updating retirees and annuitants on retired and annuity pay matters as well as issues such as legislative updates, TRICARE, and DVA. Read more about Retiree seminars and conferences at www.dfas.mil/rna-news/may2007/retireeseminars.html.

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