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    Oct 2014 - Original Claim - Shoulder (increase), Tinnitus (new), PTSD (new)

    Apr 2015 - Claim Denied - Shoulder (increase), Tinnitus (new), PTSD (new)

    July 2015 - NOD

    August 2015 - Orginal Claim - Foot (new) / Individual Unemployability (new)

    May 2016 - NOD

    Aug 2016 - DRO Hearing Informal

    Sept 2016 - QTC Exams (Shoulder & Foot)

    Oct 2016 - DRO Decision Awarded - Foot 30%

    Nov 2016 - QTC Exam (PTSD)

    Dec 2016 - DRO Decision Continued (Shoulder) at 10%
    (Tinnitus) 10% Granted / NOD Says I Disagreed ???

    The only thing now is waiting for the PTSD Decision By DRO


    #1) How much longer do you think it will be before DRO makes his Decision???

    #2) I recieved a SOC Letter on Saturday Dec 24, 2016 , denying my shoulder (increase) currently at 10% , but says it granted me 10% tinnitus, but that I disagreed. This is how is was worded:

    "Please note that in your Notice of Disagreement you stated you disagreed with the denial of tinnitus. However the rating decision date April 30, 2015 granted service connection for tinnitus at 10% disabling which is the highest schduler evaluation that can be granted under current laws. Therefore this issue will not be adjudicated in this decision."

    "Please also note that the issues of PTSD with depression and Individual unemployability will be adjudicated in a different rating decision."

    #3) What does this mean ???????


    #4) Also if a QTC Examiner PTSD check marks (Occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity) on there report, is that worth 50% as indicated on http://www.ptsdveteran.com/compensation.html

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