Financial Aid and Voc Rehab

Discussion in 'Education Benefits' started by Clemencia, Nov 28, 2007.

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    I am a full time college student. The VA is paying for my tuition, books, supplies and monthly stipend of $520.00.

    I am retired from the military, so also recieve retired pay. I am rated at 60%. My retired pay is of course reduced by the disability pay.

    My college VA rep suggested I fill out a FAFSA to try to get financial aid. Personally I think it is a crazy idea. I do not have any dependents and am doing okay financially.

    I have not talked to her about this; she gave the forms to my SO yesterday, who is also a veteran. He is 100%.

    I am not going to apply, but do wonder what could be the reason behind this. And yes, I do plan on asking next time I see her. SO said he tried to talk to her, but she had too many clients waiting to see her.

    Overall she has been very helpful to us. Just wondering about this and thought maybe some of you super smart people had any info.


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