Functional Exercise - A Path Towards Increased Endurance

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    One of the most common ways of avoiding boredom Million Dollar Exercise Review is to watch TV. If you like to stick to one channel, this might be the right option for you. Before you begin, surf through the channels to find your favorite TV show or a movie to last till your time of workout. Once you find your desired TV show, just set the remote control aside, set your eyes on the screen and carry on with the exercising.

    Music is another common option. People listen to their favorite music while exercising. Usually, up-beat music is the key. Most people use it to keep up with their pace of workout. The faster the music, the faster is your speed. All you have to do is grab your iPod and create a playlist of few of such songs. Place the headphones in your ears, and bingo! Bye, bye boredom!

    If you are using a stationary bicycle, you can do a lot of stuff. Your hands might just be holding the handlebars of the cycle. Instead of leaving them unoccupied, grab a magazine or a book. Look for books and magazines that belong to you. This is because while exercising, you might heavily sweat, and in case you are using some library books, you might damage the books. Audio books are another option that you can consider.

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