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Discussion in 'Disabled American Veterans' started by james sutton, May 23, 2016.

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    I am a veteran with PTSD, depression and anxiety problems. I was diagnosed in 2011 by the VA in Illinois. At the time I was working as a supervisor in a chemical plant. I had never been written up and was promoted above my peers because of my process knowledge and flawless safety record. I was also given monetay awards for my safety improvements and supervisory abilities.

    In 2015 I was terminated, no reason was given other than their claim that I was performing below standards. All of my performance reviews indicated I was meeting or exceeding standards, it was also noted I had the most process knowledge of any of the supervisors. I received no write-up indicating I had done anything wrong and the company refused to provide me with my personnel records to backup the termination.

    I filed a complaint with the EEOC who investigated and gave me a right to sue letter dated March 2, 2016. I've been trying since last August to find a lawyer to represent me. No one has been willing to take my case and my 90 days to be able to file ends June 2nd.

    I am still waiting on a copy of the EEOC investigators findings, not sure if that is why no lawyers will take my case because I don't have the full file on hand. I don't have the money for a high profile lawyer out of Chicago just to look at my case. All have requested a minimum of 33% of anything I receive from a court or settlement which I am completely fine with. I do not however have what most lawyers require in anywhere from $500 just to hear about the case to as much as $2000-$3000 upfront fee and 33% of any settlement.

    I'm about out of time, I need help finding a lawyer willing to file the case on my behalf. I'm currently residing in North Carolina and need a lawyer in Illinois to file in a federal court in wonders why the federal government would make it so hard for a plaintive to get anything done.

    If anyone can help or knows of anyone who would hear my case please let me know.


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