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Discussion in 'General Claims' started by J10Go, Dec 2, 2016.

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    I'm not the type to post on forums of any kind and usually just scour the forums for the answers I need, but I can't seem to find anyone under the same circumstances as myself.

    Here is my situation: I ETS'd from the Army in 2010. I have really bad knee pain in both of my knees that I am just realizing that I should have gotten checked out more while I was in the military. I did go in to sick call twice for the same pain that I have now but I only went in for one knee and both of them are in bad shape now. I have been to the doc another 3 or 4 times since I have been out and been diagnosed with patellar tendonitis and arthritis in both knees. It really affects my work because I have to drive a lot and I seriously have to stop every 30 minutes to get out and stretch my legs because my knees hurt bad in the 90 degree position. I have my medical records and they show that I went to sick call twice for only my left knee and the record states that I told the doc that my knee hurt because I was playing too much basketball and that my other knee had been hurting since before I was in the military! He literally wrote my stupid statement in the notes and it is in my medical records. I know, what an idiot (me)! Anyway, I'm thinking about going to try and open a claim on both knees but I would like to know if I even stand a chance of getting anything. Any advice?

    Question two: From what I understand, the only chance of getting any approval in disability is if I can prove service connection of my disability. I have other problems (ankle) that I believe are connected to the military but the problem is that I never went to sick call for it so there is nothing in my medical records. Is there any way to get disability for something that isn't on my medical records? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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