Discussion in 'Remembering' started by knewheart, Dec 22, 2007.

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    Awesome!!!! Get out the tissues.I ahve a brither and a son so I know you men don't cry but "your eyes leak".I've seen this before.As I'm watching it it feels so wonderful to know they are making a difference,each young man and woman are making it.bobby says there are times the engineers are going out and not finding any IEDs.I think I shared the fun run that the Army and Marines had.They ran through Ramadi.It was a 5 kilo run.Bobby said during his 1st deployment you couldn't go 5 blocks without it getting hairy.
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    Awesome Knewheart! Like Nurse Flo said, it's hard to watch and not get a tear in your eye or lump in your throat.

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