How long from C&P Exam to first check ???

Discussion in 'Disability' started by HisWife328, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    my Husband filed his claim for disability compensation on November 2nd,2009.He just had his c&p exam in Seattle about 10 days ago.
    He is suffering from PTSD ,Depression,IBS,Hearing Loss in one ear,he had a Cornea Transplant due to an accident that occured while he was on Active Duty and during the Eye Exam for the D Claim they found out that the new Cornea is not sitting right and he needs another surgery to get that fixed,he also has TBJ and GERD. And they listed him for Gulf War Syndrom.
    My question is about how much do you all think he will get and how soon after the C&P exam WILL he get his checks and the back pay ???
    He is on several meds as in 60 mg Citalopram,Welbutrin,Ambien........
    And he is NOT doing well.
    He has been laid off from his job and can't find anything else.......
    So yeah we need that money as his Unemployment is running out......
    Any advice and info will be very much appreciated !

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