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    Androxene more women die than men in the over 90s and the next admissions to critical care seventy pd5 inhibitors ace inhibitors arbs and statins could be very important in the primary care testosterone advisory group declaration of interest i'm a member of this as our other members in this uh faculty today and um it quite neatly um punches in the album in but if a patient has got liver dysfunction you might want to accurately put in your the albumin for that patient you have asked for the shbg that goes in the second box you put in the total testosterone and then what it does it calculates your free testosterone it's really neat it's very easy to use there is a app the t calc app which you can also download which does the same job and it makes it really easy for you if it's normal you get a green thumbs up and if it's abnormal you get a red thumbs down so um it's pretty naughty proof uh next slide please and then it's worth bearing in mind that it's a very it's very i think it's very challenging for gps in primary care trying to interpret testosterone

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