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    Dear international friends! I am a Vietnam, but above all I am a human being. The image you're seeing is my Dinh Thi Hong Tham, a docile girl and poor, the plight of children is very poor, my parents were both 60 years old and very poor, they have no choice but to treat I was treated for. In our country for many different reasons (especially corruption), so there are many charities can not get to those who need help, they do not know what to hope for anymore. I write these things beg you to join hands to save a soul, the fate of a human being. Gives them a hope to live. (Please share this message with others)

    All donations please send to:
    Full name: Nguyen Van Tu
    Location: 26APhố Mới-Lao Cai City, Vietnam
    Name of Bank: Vietnam Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development
    Swift Code: VBAAVNVX
    Account Number: 8807205067419
    The identity card: 063249717

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