Is A Health Condition Causing Your Night Sweats?

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    Sleep debt refers to the difference between Mela Luna Sleep Aid Review the sleep you need and the actual time you spend sleeping. Somnologists (scientists who study sleep) say that an average human needs around eight hours of sleep to be considered fully rested every day. It can change from person to person. Some need ten hours, while there are people who need just six hours of sleep.A survey in 2005 by the National Sleep Foundation found out that Americans sleep an average of 6.9 hours per night. This would mean that you probably lose an hour of sleep each night, or more than two weeks every year.

    You will know if your sleep debt is getting bad. Long-term sleep deprivation makes your brain feel foggy. Your mood also becomes irritable on a regular basis and you forget things. A lack of sleep may also lead to poor eyesight. All these will lead to your performance levels going lower. There is also an increased chance of mistakes.Those are just the immediate effects. If you continue racking up sleep debt even worse than your mortgage, you could be looking at obesity, insulin resistance and heart disease. The lack of sleep can weaken your immune system, and some people even suffer from low platelet counts that keep wounds from clotting quickly.

    Most people have generally found dreams and their occurrences a mystery up until recently when experts proposed theories that explained the actual reason behind them. Lucid dreaming however offers an entirely different experience from normal dreaming because unlike experiencing the other where one has no control over their surroundings and activities, this type of dreaming allows individuals to control their activities as well as the places they happen to be, fall upon or tread. In lucid dreaming the individual experiencing the occurrence knows that they are in fact dreaming and can control what happens in their thoughts as if in real life.

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