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    Post Operating Procedures - E

    A post can do fundraising and hold assets in its own name. However, the National Organization cannot insure the assets of any post or insure the liability of the individual posts. One of the founding principles of the organization is volunteerism. Therefore, NO Post Officers or individuals who do anything on behalf of the Post are to be paid for their services. The only thing that is allowed is reimbursement for expenses such as travel, as detailed in the following section. Contact the National Organization for additional information or questions regarding reimbursement.
    All reimbursable expenses must be documented on the following form with receipts attached. Use as many sheets as needed with the totals put on the last page submitted. Miscellaneous expenses should be spelled out in detail. Electronic versions of the expense report are available from National upon request and are shown on the disc enclosed.
    These reports should be filed with the Post Treasurer within thirty days of the expenditure and reviewed before payment by the Post Executive Board. These reports will become part of the official financial records of the post and be available for review by the National Office of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition as requested.
    Travel must have prior approval from the Executive Board and/ or Post Membership.
    All expenses must be related to post business. Reimbursable expenses include the following items, though members should make every effort to minimize expenditures whenever possible:
    o Accommodation
    o Travel- airfare or 30 cents per mile fuel reimbursement
    o Meals
    o Tickets associated with an event
    o Postage


    Name: _
    · Address: _
    Phone: _
    Date Destination/Mileage Travel @ .30 HOTEL MEALS MISCELLANEOUS
    cents per
    TOTALS: · NOTE: All expenses must be documented with receipts which should be attached to the appropriate sheet. Use as many sheets as needed with the Totals put on the last page submitted. Miscellaneous expenses should be spelled out in detail. Additional sheets of paper and forms should be used as needed - photocopy as necessary.

    Post Commanders are strongly recommended to handle any disciplinary issues within their post at the lowest level of authority possible. Interpersonal rivalry and conflict amongst members undermines the objectives of our organization. Mediation should be pursued aggressively and immediately to prevent issues from obstructing our mission to support our fellow Veterans. Mediate and smooth over disagreements within the Post to include members as well as board/ committee members.
    In the event that a Post Commander or Executive Board is unable to obtain resolution of the issue, the National Board of Directors will implement the following procedures upon notification of an allegation or complaint.
    Any member of The Veterans of the Vietnam War Inc. & The Veterans Coalition can elevate a post issue to the National level. An open door policy exists to ensure Post Commanders or Executive Board members do not suppress any concerns of post members.
    1. All allegations/complaints levied against a member, by a member or officer will be submitted to the National Board within ninety (90) days of the incident occurrence unless the circumstances of the discovery of the incident preclude this timeline, in which case, any such allegations/complaints will be brought within ninety (90) days of the discovery of the conduct.
    2. Allegations/complaints against members must be made in writing, notarized, and submitted at the appropriate level, either to the Post Commander or directly to the National Board.
    3. Upon receiving the allegation/complaint, the Post Commander will immediately inform the National Board of Directors and supply the National Board of Directors with a copy of the allegation/complaint.
    4. The Post Commander, at the same time, will inform the accused of the allegations/ complaints and supply to the accused exact copies of the detailed allegations/ complaints.
    1. The National Commander, upon receiving the allegations/complaints, will appoint a mediator from outside of the post to attempt to reconcile the allegations/complaints without a full Trial Board being appointed.
    2. The mediator will call the accuser, the accused and the Post Commander within ten (10) days and set a mutually convenient meeting to attempt to reconcile the allegations/ complaints without a full Trial Board being appointed. If the reconciliation is accepted, all allegations/complaints will be dismissed.

    1. Should mediation fail, the National Commander will appoint a Trial Board in confidence consisting of three members in good standing from outside of the post to which the allegations/complaints will be referred. The National Commander will also appoint a Prosecutor from members in good standing from outside of the post to prosecute the allegations/ complaints.
    2. The Trial Board will meet within a reasonable time and organize, electing a chairman and clerk from the Board; the National Board of Directors will deliver to the clerk a copy of the written allegations/complaints, copies or pictures of all physical evidence and a list of the witnesses against the accused. The Trial Board will also have the authority to employ such agents as needed with reasonable costs to be borne by the Post.
    3. The Trial Board will fix a time and place of hearing, and the clerk will give twenty one (21) days notice to the accused member and the accusing member.
    4. The Trial Board will supply to the accused member and the person appointed as the Prosecutor, complete copies of the allegations/complaints against the accused, copies of all physical evidence or pictures against the accused, along with a list of witnesses to be used against the accused.
    5. The accused member will be entitled to be represented before the Trial Board by not more than two (2) people. The accused or the representative(s) of the accused will supply the Trial Board with a list of witnesses and a summary of their testimony.
    6. The Trial Board will supply the Prosecution with the list of witnesses for the accused along with the corresponding summations.
    7. If a legitimate reason exists that the accused cannot attend the scheduled hearing, he/ she is required to submit said reason, in writing, to the National Board no later than 14 days prior to the hearing date. If the accused fails to submit written notification and does not appear at the scheduled hearing then the allegations/complaints will be accepted as proved and the Board will recommend action.
    8. No member or past member of the legal fraternity can be utilized for the prosecution or defense in an internal trial board situation.
    1. The Trial Board will convene the hearing by appointing a Master Sgt-at-Arms who will immediately clear the room of all persons except members of the Trial Board, the
    Prosecutor, the accused and the counsel for the accused.
    2. All interested parties and witnesses will be sequestered so that those who have testified will not come in contact with those who have not testified. The Master Sgt-at-Arms
    will enforce the proceedings outside of the Trial Board room.
    3. The proceedings will begin with an opening statement from the prosecutor unless the prosecutor waives the right to an opening statement. The Defense will have the right to
    an opening statement unless such rights are waived by the Defense.
    4. The Prosecution will, in an orderly fashion, present its case to the Trial Board.
    Witnesses will be called before the Board one at a time to present verbal evidence and to

    support any and all physical evidence. Each witness will be duly sworn to tell the truth. Defense counsel will have the right to cross-examine each witness. The Trial Board will have the right to examine each witness. The Prosecution will continue with its list of witnesses until the Prosecution has presented its entire case, at which time the Prosecution will rest.
    5. The Defense will, in an orderly fashion, present its case to the Trial Board.
    Witnesses will be called before the Board one at a time to present verbal evidence and to support any and all physical evidence. Each witness will be duly sworn to tell the truth. The Prosecutor will have the right to cross-examine each witness. The Trial Board will have the right to examine each witness. The Defense will continue with its list of witnesses until the Defense has presented its entire case at which time the Defense will rest.
    6. Upon the end of testimony for the Defense, the Prosecutor will conclude with a summation of the testimony and evidence for the Prosecution.
    7. At the completion of the Prosecutor's summation, the Defense will conclude with a summation of the testimony and evidence for the Defense.
    8. Time limits for both Prosecution and Defense can be set by the Trial Board prior to the hearing and both parties will be notified of the time limits.
    9. The Chairman of the Trial Board, at the conclusion of the summation by the Defense, will end the proceedings.
    After the hearing, the Trial Board will meet in executive session and agree upon its findings and recommendations, and report same to the National Board of Directors Chairperson within fifteen (15) days.
    This report will include:
    a. Name of the accused member and his accuser;
    b. Date of filing allegations/complaints;
    c. Name of the Trial Board, Chairman and Clerk and other persons employed by the
    Trial Board;
    d. Time and place of the hearing;
    e. Appearance list of witnesses, name of prosecutor and defense counsel.
    f. Findings of facts, numerically arranged and numbered. g. Discussion, if desired.
    · h. Decision ofthe Trial Board - i.e., exoneration, suspension or other discipline.

    1. A majority of the Trial Board will be sufficient to make a report and decision to the National Commander. A minority report and recommendation will also be filed with the
    National Commander.
    2. The National Commander will supply to the Post Commander and the accused at the same time the decision of the Trial Board and a copy of the report by first class mail,

    return receipt requested. If said mail is refused by any party, then it will be sent by regular first class mail. The National Commander will also supply copies of the proceedings and the findings of fact from the Trial Board to the National Board of Directors.
    3. The decision of the Trial Board is final.
    1. The accused unless suspended is considered a member in good standing until convicted by the Trial Board.
    2. All rights and privileges are retained by the accused unless suspended until convicted by a majority of the Trial Board; the only exception being the position of Post Treasurer or other officers who are charged with misuse of post funds. Should such allegations/ complaints be placed against the Post Treasurer or other officers for the misuse of post funds, then they will be relieved of their duties until the allegations/complaints are mediated or a final decision is reached by the Trial Board.
    The Post Treasurer will, upon the filing of the allegations/complaints, return to the Post Commander, all financial records, checkbooks and other supplies needed to assure the continued financial responsibilities of the post.
    3. Allegations/ complaints cannot be brought against the accused for the same offense after the Trial Board has exonerated the accused.
    4. The accused will not bring allegations/complaints against the accuser unless such allegations/ complaints are recommended by the Trial Board or the Appeal Board.
    S. If the accused brings disrepute and defames any member of the Trial Board, the National Board will act and remove the accused as a member.
    Allegations against National At-Large members will be addressed in accordance with the procedures described herein.
    Members may be expelled from The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition only upon proper showing of cause. Allegations/complaints may be based upon:
    1. Disloyalty to the United States of America or to The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition and its mission.
    2. The advocacy of, or membership in, any organization advocating un-American principles, including anarchy, communism or other forms of radicalism which are contrary to those of The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition.
    3. Theft of organizational funds or assets.
    4. Neglect of duty /Failure to fulfill Organizational requirements. S. Working to the detriment of the organization.
    6. Physical abuse or attacks.

    7. Conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.
    8. Discrimination and/or defamation.
    9. Unlawful activities.
    All allegations/complaints must be made under oath and submitted in writing by the accuser. No member in good standing will lose his or her membership until given a fair trial in such manner and form as prescribed in the Rules of Procedure in the Discipline of Members as described in this guide and a decision rendered after said trial is made known to the accused.
    Members may be suspended from The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition by a majority Vote of the National Board of Directors for cause:
    1. Disloyalty to the United States of America or to The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition and its mission.
    2. The advocacy of, or membership in, any organization advocating un-American principles, including anarchy, communism or other forms of radicalism which are contrary to those of The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition.
    3. Theft of organizational funds or assets.
    4. Neglect of duty.
    5. Drunkenness while representing the Organization.
    6. Working to the detriment ofthe organization.
    7. Physical abuse or attacks
    8. Conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.
    9. Discrimination and / or Defamation.
    1O.Failure to comply with National Directives
    A suspended member is NOT a member in good standing. Suspension is subject to periodic review by the National Board of Directors. If the suspended member, in the judgment of the National Board of Directors, continues to act to the detriment of The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc and The Veterans Coalition, then that member can be removed as a member by a majority vote of the National Board of Directors.
    Suspended members are not authorized to serve in any leadership or committee positions, vote on any organizational proceedings, take part in, nominate or be nominated for a position within a Post or National election. Additionally, they cannot initiate any motion or participate in discussion of Post proceedings. Suspended members, at the discretion of post commanders, may attend post meetings, but only as observers to provide
    · them situational awareness of post activities and opportunities to contribute towards post goals.
    During the probationary period, suspended members are encouraged to volunteer to
    · support post projects, food drives, etc. Their performance and attitude towards the advancement of the organization is under the scrutiny of their post commander and the National Board of Directors. At the end of each six-month period, the post commander will
    · submit a written assessment of .the suspended member's performance and a

    recommendation to reinstate the member, extend the suspension, or initiate a trial board to pursue expulsion.
    Periodic reviews of suspended members will be conducted by the National Board in conference with the Post Commander of the suspended member at six month intervals from the date of the suspension, as determined by the certified receipt of the letter of suspension. Post Commanders will present their assessment and any additional documentation to support their recommendation on the suspended member's disposition. Suspensions will either be lifted, extended for an additional six months, or referred to a trial board for possible expulsion, based upon the majority vote of the National Board.
    In the event a suspended member is reinstated, he/she is required to complete an affidavit that they will operate within the organizational bylaws and post procedures for the advancement of the organization.
    If a member is found in violation of this affidavit and is recommended for suspension a second time, his/her case will immediately be referred to a trial board for review or the National Board of Directors and expulsion from the organization.
    SECTION 1. A charge that any post should, for any good and sufficient cause, have its charter cancelled, suspended or revoked, may be initiated by any member. Proceedings relating to the cancellation, suspension or revocation of a post charter may also originate with either the National Commander or the National Board of Directors. A charge may be withdrawn only with the consent of the National Commander. A Post's Charter can be revoked for the following causes:
    · A Post membership dropping below the required 25 active members: The National Board of Directors can allow a written notice to the Post providing up to 6 months to bring the Post to full strength.
    · A Post not complying with National Directives.
    · A Post acting in defiance of the National Bylaws or directions.
    · A Post refusing to communicate with the National Office upon request.
    · Conducting illegal activities
    · The Post is operating and directing other than within our purpose.
    · Where the action of any Post is being discredited in the public press.
    · Where criminal proceedings have been instituted against a Post
    · Where the actions of a Post are such as to be scandalous or contrary to the mission of The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition
    · A Post is working to the detriment of good order and operations of The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition .
    SECTION 2. Allegations will be filed with the National Commander at National Headquarters. The submission should consist of a clear, concise and detailed statement of the facts upon which the allegations are based, accompanied by appropriate affidavits or documents sustaining the charge. The"'written allegation will be signed by the respective member and notarized .

    SECTION 3. Upon review of the allegation, if the National Board determines the charges warrant further assessment, an investigation will be initiated. The National Commander will notify the defendant Post of the investigation in writing. The identity of the source of the allegation will only be released at the discretion of the National Commander.
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    Post Operating procedures - F

    SECTION 4. The National Commander or his/her designee will conduct a full investigation into the facts. Upon completion of the investigation, a written report and recommendation will be submitted to the National Board of Directors for action at the next board meeting.
    SECTION 5. The Charter of any Post may be revoked, cancelled or suspended by a majority vote of the National Board of Directors. The designated Post will be notified by written notice of the effective date of the revocation, cancellation or suspension and the reason for the action. Notification will be delivered by certified or registered mail to the designated Post Officers at least fifteen (15) days before the effective date.
    SECTION 6. The action of the National Board of Directors in rejecting any charge or allegations/ complaints against a post will be final.
    1. All Post Home Associations must comply with all regulations and laws relating to the facility and operation.
    2. The following will be admitted into the Post Home Association:
    a. All members in good standing with VVnW, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition membership cards.
    b. Wives and/or husbands and children of the Post when accompanied by that family club member.
    c. A prospective club member will be allowed one visit when accompanied by a sponsoring member of the Post. All sponsoring members will be responsible for the conduct of that prospective member, and they must leave either with or before the sponsoring member.
    d. Only the Sgt-at-Arms, Officer in Charge or Executive Board member will be permitted to open the door to admit anyone.
    e. Guest members cannot sponsor other members.
    f. Members can sponsor no more than (2) two guests. Guests must leave when sponsor leaves.
    3. Members and guests are expected to dress appropriately and in accordance with health regulations, footwear must be worn at all times. The Post Home Association retains the right to refuse entry.
    4. All patrons are required to help keep the Post Home Association and property clean, tidy and neat at all times by using waste containers and ash trays for cigarettes and matches.

    5. The Sgt-at-Arms or Officer in Charge or Post Officers shall have full authority to enforce all Post Home Association Rules while on duty. He or she may eject any member or guest for misconduct or violation of these Home Association Rules. All members do have the right to appeal to the Executive Board.
    6. The Sgt-at-Arms or Officer in Charge may refuse any service to anyone for good reason or violation of the Home Association Rules.
    7. NO alcohol is to be served to anyone prior to or during a Post or Post Home Association meeting being held on the premises.
    8. NO alcoholic beverages are to be served to or consumed bv minors under an circumstances.
    9. No intoxicated members or guests will be tolerated or served in the Post Home Association, and the officer or overseer on duty will stop service when it is apparent such member or guest has had a sufficient amount to drink.
    10. No member shall reprimand or abuse an officer or overseer. Suggestions and criticism of officers, overseers or members shall be submitted to the Executive Board Committee for final decision. Suspension of privileges will be applicable for reprimand or abuse.
    11. NO physical violence of any kind will be tolerated and both parties to an altercation will be suspended until a judicial meeting: of the Executive Board is convened.
    12. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
    13. Any member or the guest of a member removing, damaging or destroying any property of the VVnW & The Veterans Coalition Post Home Association will pay for all damages, and be subject to disciplinary action.
    15. Gambling in Post Home Associations must be licensed if required
    a. No checks will be cashed or accepted for gambling.
    b. No boards are to leave the gaming room or area or Post Home Association.
    c. There is to be a maximum of$20.00 played and/or punched at anyone time.
    Payment must be made before more is played and/ or punched.
    d. Anyone caught cheating will result in permanent suspension from gaming.
    17. All personal phone calls must be made on the pay phone. All incoming calls should be as brief as possible and receiving of excess calls will not be tolerated. Members present if called will take calls.
    18. There shall be absolutely no alcoholic beverages of any kind taken from or brought onto
    the premises at any time, except by approval of the Executive Board Committee.
    19. All persons under 18 years of age must vacate the premises by 9:00 PM.
    20. Parents are responsible for their children's conduct.
    21. No pets will be allowed in the Post Home Association at any time.
    22. The Post Home Association will be opened and closed as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.
    23. Vulgar actions or profanity will result in suspension of Post Home Association privileges.
    24. All business will end 30 minutes prior to closing.
    25. Club and parking area must be vacated 30 minutes after closing.

    26. Any infractions of the above Post Home Association Rules will result in disciplinary action ranging from verbal warnings to suspensions at the discretion of the Executive Board Committee, the National Officers or the National Board of Directors.
    27. All games of chance winnings must be claimed within 30 days of drawing. If not claimed in 30 days, it becomes the property of VVnW & The Veterans Coalition Post.
    28. Continuation of any Post Home Association INFRACTIONS will result in suspension or loss of membership rights.
    29. Post must comply with all State, Federal and local ordinances.
    30. The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition will remain always a veterans' service organization.
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    Man, that was quite a job to keep within the limits of space allowed for a posting. I'm sure that when they hold my "trial" (which we cannot attend) they'll use this as a charge of disclosing "confidential information". Oh Well!
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    The reports of VVnW posts keep coming in. Have 4-5 now that are turning in their charters or just not going to pay the dues increase and refuse to recognize the post rules. They are waiting for Herr Peter to pull their charters. Hang in there guys!!!! Don't let them beat you down.
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    VVnw is a joke

    Yes the VVnW has turned into a joke. Reading through the the crap that Don has posted which has been put out by Forbes it looks as though Forbes doesn't want anyone else to get away with what he and his woman have been getting away with for years.
    This so called Board of Directors or (hand picked henchmen) should be ashamed of themselves, doing Forbes' dirty work for him, I think the time is coming close for all of the idemnification of officers in the by laws will be tested to the limit.
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    The real problem with VVnW

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    Somehow we allowed an individual with a mental disorder maneuver himself into the leadership position of our organization. He claimed to have combat related PTSD but if you study him closely one can come to the same conclusion that I have. He has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder that will eventually bring him to the destruction of the VVnW. The mere fact that he is all about control and the fear of losing it is symptomatic of what he really is. Narcissists exploit, lie, insult, demean, ignore (the "silent treatment"), manipulate, and control.
    1. has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    3. believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    4. requires excessive admiration
    5. has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
    6. is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    7. lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    8. is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
    9. shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes
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    Forbes to a T

    Hey Wolf I couldn't have put it better myself it discribes Forbes to a T.
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    Here is a good one

    I was shown a letter delivered to our " PAST POST COMMANDER and FOUNDER of LA POST # 4 ". The letter stated that Tommy Tabor of LA # 4 in Thibodaux, LA was suspended for disrupting the post meetings. I know that the complaint was turned in by Peter Forbes' # 1 goon Loy Smith. I started attending post meeting when ever possible. Tommy Questioned the treasurer report. After Loy Smith and Johnny Guillot finish having a fit, Tommy asked to listen to the tape of that meeting. The tape was not in the secretary's poccession at the time. The next meeting the tape was produced. The problem was any thing and everything to do with the part that was in question was missing. The beginning of the meeting was on the tape and the end of the meeting was on the tape, nothing in between. How could this happen ?

    Second time, Tommy questioned the minutes that gave Loy Smith and his board the authority to purchase a tent with VVnW funds. This was never voted on by the floor. When tommy brought this up, again Loy Smith, Johnny Guillot and Leroy Chenier through a fit saying the floor has approved the sale.
    As of last meeting those minutes have not been produced, for aproval or no aproval.

    To keep Tommy from getting into these minutes he was suspended by Peter Forbes, my quess is by request of Loy Smith. The letter only stated, complaint were filed. Yea Right. I know, by now those minutes will appear out of the blue. Is that suprising.

    Tommy is a good friend of mine and is in fact an honorable person. He has been helping veterans for years as a Service Officer with the VVnW. Now he can no longer help veterans with V.A. Claims , because he is now suspended. I'm Sorry, the VVnW's motto is " PEOPLE WHO CARE ". Damn you can fool me.
    What you say, Robert's Rule of Order ? This board think that something to eat. There is no Robert's Rule of Order at this post. It's Peter's Rule of Order.

    Stay tune for the rest of the story.
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    It's over for me!

    Well, the fat lady has finally sang for me. I joined the DAV today. Not because I need to be a belonger but because I want to do something that will help the brotherhood. I know this probably sounds like a chicken shit way out but Peter and Nancy's little club has nothing for me anymore; as a matter of fact I don't want any part of those two or what they represent nor do I intend to waste any part of my remaining time here on this earth on them. I am better than they are and I have better things to do than sit around pissing and moaning about how they destroyed the VVnW.

    It's over, I'm done, and they can have it because it's not worth fighting over anymore. My life membership card is in the mail and they can shove it up their you know what.

    I'm most definately not a quitter - I can see better things than the VVnW over the horizon and I think we can do better elsewhere. And if you want to overcome spend your time doing something worthwhile...Wolf
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    For some

    My man this has become a personal thing for some of us. I do hope you can put this behind you if those are your wishes. In LoUiSiAna, a group of us old Vietnam Veterans have started a new organization called Concerned Veterans of Louisiana Inc. We are a 501-C-3 Nonprofit Charitable Corporation. We are helping the veterans in our area with information and paying our respect to deceased veterans and their families. This is something VVnW was doing, with Tommy Tabor was Post Commander.Now it has stopped. New Post Commander and new rules. No picture in the paper, no community service. As time goes on, we will help veterans financially when possible. While going on with this organization, the veterans of this area continue to get help. We will finish our old business. I personally want to thank you, for being a member of the VVnW, as we remember it. Take care my friend.
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    A number of veterans have diabetes, some cause of Agent Orange explosure.

    If you would like to help veterans by sending an already prepared letter to your elected officials, then copy and paste the below website into your browser, and enter your zip code and then provide the name and address information and send off to your elected officials.


    The lack of urological research funding at National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) and lack of leadership has had a detrimental effect on patients and the development of breakthroughs in treatments for the broad range of urological conditions. This is because NIDDK is not structured in a manner whereby existing and future funding can be applied to advances in medical research that would help treat the millions of patients in our country who suffer and often die from urological diseases and conditions. Clear authority to change the structure of the urology research program is necessary in order to make sure that NIDDK is effectively utilizing the increased budget that Congress has given to NIH. Although Congress doubled the budget for NIH, that money will not advance patient care unless the lead institute has the legal authority and proper tools to apply the new money where it is most needed.

    Legislative History:
    The Training and Research in Urology TRU" Act, previously introduced by Representative Jim Leach in the House and Senator Mike DeWine in the Senate addresses several key components of an effective research effort. First, it revises the structure of the urology program at NIDDK by creating a separate Division for urology and it strengthens the mechanisms for coordination of urology research across all branches of the federal government. Second, it builds a database on urology and establishes effective planning systems for urology research. Third, it focuses resources on the external research structure by increasing the number of O'Brien Centers and creating new opportunities for physicians and scientists to enter urology research.

    The TRU Act is supported by AUA and a broad based coalition, CURE (Coalition for Urological Research and Education) comprised of 23 patient organizations as well as urologists and scientists who believe they can work with Congress in a positive way to address the challenges of urology research for the benefit of patients.

    In 2002 and carried over in 2003, H.R. 1002 enjoyed bipartisan support of more than 30 members of the House of Representatives. AUA made further progress in May 2003, when in S. 2361 was introduced by Senator Mike DeWine in the Senate. We hope to continue that momentum into the 109th Congress when the House and Senate consider reauthorization of the legislation that created the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Such activity could be the impetus we need to address the longstanding deficits that urology has faced at NIDDK.

    The basic science breakthroughs of the last decade are literally passing urology by. Passing TRU will help the millions of Americans who suffer from urological disorders and the physicians who want to help them.

    Every day, millions of men, women, children and their families suffer in silence and humiliation with debilitating urologic conditions. Incontinence, infertility and impotence are all extremely common and serious urologic conditions that can damage or destroy people's lives.

    Ø Incontinence is the second leading reason people are forced to enter nursing homes.
    Ø Nearly 10 million children are affected by incontinence or bed-wetting; some forms can be deadly.
    Ø At least half of all diabetics have bladder dysfunctions, which can include urinary retention, changes in bladder compliance and incontinence.

    Ø Interstitial Cystitis, a painful bladder syndrome, affects 700,000 people, mostly women. There are no known causes or cures, and few minimally effective treatments.
    Ø There are seven million urinary tract infections in the United States each year, and treatment costs total more than $1 billion.

    Research into urologic disorders has failed to keep pace with the serious nature of this public health need. If we don't act now, the costs will only increase, in dollars, needless suffering and the loss of human dignity.

    IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT the Training and Research in Urology Act:

    1. While Congress has made progress in the providing funding for biomedical research efforts, by doubling the NIH budget, it cannot help the millions of patients suffering from urological diseases and disorders because NIDDK's urology program is not well structured to utilize the new money, deal effectively with the complexities of urology research and training and apply new knowledge to the understanding of urological diseases.

    2. These issues have been raised with the NIDDK Director (and others at NIH) several times, and AUA asked him to establish a separate division or center of urology.

    3. NIDDK cannot take the steps to restructure the program because the authorizing statute defines the divisions at NIDDK. In the absence of fundamental change, progress will continue to be very limited.

    4. In order to meet the demands of patient care and treatment, NIDDK must have the authority to establish the new division and to create leadership and tools to advance urology research, which is why passage of the TRU" Act is so critical.

    5. Congressional support is needed now so that:

    -- Patients can benefit from the promising research that moving forward would bring
    -- Baby boomers could be independent longer without being forced into nursing homes
    -- Families can spend less on long-term care and
    -- Overall federal healthcare costs can be reduced
  12. Leo Gelsinger

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    It's over for OH-07 as of 9-20-2005 sixteen members have refused to follow the puppet regime of Peter and Nancy. We have sent National our charter to do as they please.

    Last Commander
    Leo Gelsinger
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    Check out the USA address and e-mail address. Looks familiar, huh? Check out Nancy's! Is he using VVnW resources for this venture??? Hmmmm!

    56 Perkins Street P.O. Box 524, Enfield Plaza
    Plains, PA 18705 South Australia 5084
    Phone: 570-829-0751 A.C.N. 072 757 638
    Fax: 570-829-8107 Phone: (08) 8349 6866
    E-mail: [email protected] Fax: (08) 8349 6661
    E-mail: [email protected]


    Private & Confidential

    To: The District Council of Mount Barker
    Att: Planning Manager, Ms Susan Lewis

    Subject: Forbes America Project

    Dear Ms Lewis,
    I have set out below in point form a brief synopsis of the Forbes America Project that we are seeking a letter of planning approval in principle. I have also included a copy of the up to date business plans for your perusal and I am sure these plans will give you a greater insight into the project.
    We have taken 4 years to put these plans together and a great deal of research has been completed to ensure that the project is environmentally friendly.
    The Dept of Industry, Trade and Technology has had these plans and has offered facilitations in planning , access, incentives etc over this period. I have also attached a copy of a letter of support from this Dept.
    The project:
    The Edge Nutrition Manufacturing will construct a Aquaculture Feed, Bait, Equine and Protein Recovery Mill which will be placed on the Land owned by DC & PJ Forbes at Ironstone Range Rd, Nairne and shown on the map enclosed.
    The Mill will be 75 mts x 55 mts x 12 and will be constructed in accordance with Building, Health, EPA, Council and all Australian Authorities Codes.
    The Protein Recovery section of the mill that will use European Carp as its raw source will be a pharmaceutical grade facility and due to the state of the art EPA approved South Australian Technology, there is no waste material. Water is required and any residue and wash down water will be utilized back into the Protein Recovery unit. Please contact Mr at the EPA for their approval. Very little odour will be evident from the plant.
    The Protein Recovery and Aquaculture Feed Mill sections will be on the ground floor and Equine Supplement and Laboratory would be located on the first floor.
    The area would need to be excavated approx 2.5 mt cut and the area would be leveled which would raise the lower section of the area approx 1 mt.
    The construction would be as far as possible asthetically
    The Roadway into the property and throughout the mill area would be cemented to keep dust to a minimum and to ensure carriage of the vehicles.
    Approx 15 trucks per day will enter and leave the facility.
    The Great Southern Aquaculture Native Fish and Crustacean Hatchery
    The hatchery will be comprised of a Hatchery shed, Tank shed, Loading facility and Ponds as seen on the plans.
    The GSA plans are included and details regarding types of fish and crustaceans are within the plans.
    All waters used for the hatchery will be gained from the bores located on the property and others to be drilled. As per the Dept and Mines and Energy there is NO known water sources underground on the property and the property owned by my mother.
    The property owned by my mother and adjacent properties will be purchased as they become available to ensure a wide birth from the Industry.
    All waters used will be refiltered and reused within the ponds, tanks or hatchery and in the end will be utilized within the Protein recovery facilility.
    No water will be drained into either of the watercourses even though these water courses are polluted and the Nairne creek ends at the property boundary where it joins the totally polluted Brukunga/Scotts Creek.

    Please feel free to call us with any questions and we hope that an answer in the positive will be transmitted with due speed as you are aware of the pending funding.
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    Decision of the Australian Administrative Appeals TribunalB]

    Is this evidence of a person who is a failure and user of others? If he cannot work for more than 8 hours a week, HOW can he do "volunteer" work as the commander of the VVnW and work Many Many nore than 8 hours per week, that's week-not 8 hours a day! Click on the attachment to read it all.

    This MSG is intended for any/all person who might wish to
    review the actual "Decision" of The Australian Administrative
    Appeals Tribunal which granted Mr. Peter Forbes' TPI [Total &
    Permanent Incapacitation, which is an Australian Veteran's equivalent of
    a U.S. Veteran's 100%, Permanent & Total, Service Connected
    Disability rating].

    See: ( "forbe" )

    This is a most interesting web site and document. A few items, therein, that we found to be of particular interest are:

    - Direct "Links" to specific sections of
    Australian law, as it applies to the details of Mr. Forbes' claim and

    - Documentation of Mr. Forbes' attestations regarding
    his incapacity[ies];

    - Documentation of Mr. Forbes' attestations regarding
    his relationships with a " Vietnam Veterans' Association and
    with an American lady, who is involved with the United States Association, and with the Gulf War Veterans' Coalition

    - Documentation of Mr. Forbes' attestations regarding a broad spectrum of curiously "failed" business ventures, in which he claims to have participated and how working as a janitor from approximately 4.30 am, 5 days per week, for around 1.5 hours each day was more than his frail psychiatric state was capable of handling;
    - Direct quotations and statements of reference from
    multiple "shrinks" -- including:

    16. At Comcare's request, the applicant was seen by Professor AC McFarlane, Professor of Psychiatry, Adelaide University, on 20 March 2002. On 27 March 2002, Professor McFarlane reported that it was his view that the applicant continued to suffer from PTSD, and that because of the PTSD and related anxiety symptoms, he was unable to work for more than 8 hours per week. Professor McFarlane stated also, that because the applicant had difficulty answering specific questions about time during the interview, he was unable to make a precise statement as to the approximate date the applicant first would have become so incapacitated that the condition alone rendered him incapable of undertaking remunerative work [Exhibit R5]


    20. Dr Furze, in his report of 5 September 2000, described the applicant as "an intelligent, creative and charismatic man with a fertile imagination", who he was sure will come up with new projects and dreams in the future, but that it was doubtful that he has the ability to translate any of these "castles in the air" into reality [Exhibit A3]

    I trust that you will find this as interesting as we did.

  15. 3cav

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    Reference to Dr. Sandy McFarlan

    Don, an interesting point about this Dr. Sandy McFarlane. He is reputed to be one of Australias experts on PTSD. I am 100% connected to DVA with PTSD and I know a little bit about it. The last couple of time I have seen my shrink we have discussed Dr. Mcfarlane because of a huge case that has been going on here in South Australia, I will outline the details so that you may make your own conclusions:
    1 Earlier this year a prominant defence lawyer and his brother and mother had a lunch about 40 miles north of Adelaide where he lives. During the lunch several beers and several bottles of wine were consumed.
    2 When he was driving home this lawyer hit a man riding a bicycle and killed him.
    3 He drove off with out stopping to give assistance, he had been seen before tha accident driving at high speed.
    4 After the accident he telephoned his own lawyer several times and his brother and evaded the police.
    5 When the police did find him at his mother's house they failed to breath test him.
    6 When he did go to court the defense ambushed the Public Prosecutor by supplying an "expert wittness, he being Dr. Mcfarlane who in his opinion stated that the lawyer was suffering from PTSD as soon as he hit the cyclist and made him act irrationally.
    7 The end result was he lost his license for awhile and was fined $3,100 for killing this father of two. The government demanded a Royal Commission and further charges are still pending.

    As far as I am concerned justice was never done and this is the overwhelming opinion of most of the public here in South Australia. It was Dr. McFarlane's testimony which influenced the jury and judge which gave him such a light sentence. My shrink says Dr. McFarlane did himself no favours by stating that the lawyer had PTSD from the moment he hit the cyclist.

    I will leave you to make your own conclusions but as you can see from Forbes' ATT decision it would appear that Dr. McFarlanes testimony was instrumental in Forbes being awarded his TPI. Regards Neil
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    VFW WASHINGTON WEEKLY, October 17, 2005

    In this issue:
    1. COLA to be 4.1%
    2. VA Announces New Employment Initiative
    3. Help Protect Veterans Benefits
    4. Defense Appropriations Passes Senate
    5. Continuing Resolution Passed

    1. COLA to be 4.1%

    Due to inflation, the cost of living adjustment will be increased to around 4.1%, the largest increase since 1991. The increase will affect VA disability compensation, pension, dependency indemnity compensation and military retiree payments as well as social security benefits and other recipients of federal benefits. The increase goes into effect in January 2006

    2. VA Announces New Employment Initiative

    The Department of Veterans Affairs announced a new program designed to help transitioning veterans find employment when they return home from the war on terrorism. The initiative, entitled “Fulfilling the Commitment – Coming Home to Work” focuses on linking OIF/OEF service members to existing resources through local and regional job markets, regardless of where they separate, where they return, or the career or education they pursue.

    Current Labor statistics reports that in the first three quarters of 2005, almost 15 percent of veterans in the 20-24 year-old age group were unemployed, which is around three times the national rate of unemployment.

    For more on VA programs visit their website at

    3. Help Protect Veterans Benefits

    Recently the VA has decided to re-review over 70,000 PTSD disability cases. The review would put in jeopardy those PTSD cases that have already been decided. Their intent is to eliminate fraud, which we support, but their methods could harm legitimate claims and serve as a deterrent for veterans and servicemembers to seek treatment.

    The Senate has included in their Military Construction/VA Appropriations bill an amendment that would require Congressional oversight of the review. Now is the time to contact your legislator and ask them to support the Senate amendment to the Military Construction/VA Appropriations bill that will end the re-review of PTSD claims.

    You can email your legislators with the click of a button visit to send your legislators a prepared message today!

    4. Defense Appropriations Passes Senate

    Late last week, the Senate passed the FY 2006 Defense Appropriation bill by a 97-0 vote. HR 2863 will provide $390 billion for the Department of Defense (DoD) programs with an additional $50 billion to finance the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan, and $100 million for military family assistance programs.

    The appropriations bill can only continue funding last year's programs if there's no authorization bill to permit new ones.

    Both FY 2006 House and Senate Defense Authorization and Appropriations bills still need to be worked out in Conference Committee.

    For more on the bill visit the Defense Appropriations Committee website at:

    5. Continuing Resolution Passed

    With the Fiscal Year starting on October 1, and most of the funding bills unfinished, Congress passed a Continuing Resolutions (CR) to keep the Government running until November 18.

    VA’s funding will be late once again, forcing them to make do with the already inadequate funding level from last year, while the number of returning servicemembers continues to go up.
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    Here's an interesting success story

    Vietnamese Americans repay the US with military service
    By Richard Halloran

    Monday, Oct 17, 2005,Page 9
    Clad only in her bathing suit, Mylene Tran Huynh fled from Vietnam in 1976 when she was nine years old with her family in a crowded, open boat that brought them, exhausted, to the Philippines. There the Red Cross and an American church got the family to the US.

    Today, she is a doctor and a lieutenant colonel in the US Air Force.
    Quang Pham's father, Hoa, managed to get his wife, three young daughters, and 10-year-old son Quang on an airplane out of Saigon just before it was captured by the North Vietnamese in 1975.

    Ten years later, Pham joined the Marine Corps and flew helicopters in Somalia and in Desert Storm against Iraq in 1991.

    Trinh Warner's mother and stepfather, H. Ross Warner, left Vietnam in 1974 intending to send for Trinh and four siblings staying with their grandmother. As Saigon was about to fall, the five children were taken to the US Embassy where several thousand Vietnamese were trying to claw their way aboard departing US helicopters.

    They found their stepfather's friend, a big American named Jim, who told the marine guards the five children were his and his wife's. They were plucked off the embassy roof and later the children were reunited with their parents in San Francisco.

    Today, Trinh Warner is a lawyer and a captain in the US Air Force on duty in Baghdad.
    After their harrowing escapes from Vietnam, many Vietnamese Americans are serving throughout the US armed forces today as a way, Lieutenant Colonel Huynh said, of giving back to America for having provided them safe haven.

    Pham, now a business executive in California, agreed, saying he went into Marine Officer Candidate School "to pay back my citizenship to our country."

    In Hawaii alone, Lieutenant Colonel Lynda Vu is chief of medical staff at Hickam Air Force Base. Major Tuan Ton, an army infantryman, is a staff officer at the Pacific Command working on Southeast Asian issues. Another army major, Hung Nguyen, is a medical officer.

    Warner has actually served three times, enlisting after high school because, she says, "I was not ready to go to college." She left active duty to go into a reserve program and was called back during Desert Storm. After graduating from Fresno State in California, she earned a law degree at the Howard University School of Law in Washington. When Muslim terrorists mounted the assaults on New York and Washington that killed nearly 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001, she volunteered to return to the air force as a lawyer.

    Just how many Vietnamese Americans are in the service is unclear. Neither the Pentagon nor various Vietnamese American civic organizations seemed to know. The US Census Bureau says there were 1.2 million Vietnamese in the US in 2000, up from 10,000 in 1970. Most are concentrated south of Los Angeles, in San Jose in northern California, and in Houston, Texas.

    After the end of the war in Vietnam, the first wave of South Vietnamese escaped from their new communist rulers around 1975. A second wave, many fleeing in small boats, began in 1979 and continued into the 1980s, in some months numbering 50,000 refugees. An estimated one-third of them perished at sea.

    Some of the Vietnamese Americans in the service have followed in their fathers' footsteps. Pham's father had been a pilot in the South Vietnamese Air Force. In his book, A Sense of Duty, Pham wrote of his father: "I wanted to relieve him of a loser's guilt, a husband's regret, a father's remorse. Most of all, I wanted him to know that he stood for respectability -- for duty, honor, and country."

    Huynh's father was a doctor and a paratrooper in the South Vietnamese Army who passed the medical exam in Virginia to resume his practice. She graduated from the University of Virginia's medical school where she met and married her husband, Thanh Quoc Hyunh, a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute who also fled Vietnam in a boat. They have three sons.

    In recent years, Huynh has been back to Vietnam twice on international medical missions and once on a personal visit with her parents. While it was good to keep in touch with her roots, she said she was saddened by Vietnam's poverty, particularly of the children.

    "We have so much here in the US," she said. "When I see the children in Vietnam, I think how lucky we are. Those could have been my children."

    Richard Halloran is a writer based in Hawaii.
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    Neil, Thanks for the information. It doesn't surprise me that he found a "head-Dr" that supported his scam. :rolleyes:

    I will be watching and replying to items posted on this VVnW & VC link, but I will be doing most of my posting on the "United Circle of Veterans" thread under the same forum. The United Circle of Veterans came alive just this past weekend. Posts and Members of the VVnW who have been either suspended or expelled attempted to re-open the PA State VVnW organization. National will not permit this. Therefore, after a few discussions and meetings the United Circle of Veterans was born. SO, BEING EXPELLED HAS ACTUALLY BEEN TURNED INTO A BLESSING! And we welcome all members and posts who wish to join with us in friendship!

    This will be an organization solely used to communicate with and provide information to veterans and meet/socialize on a quarterly basis. All veterans and Veteran organizations are welcome. This includes members and posts of the VVnW.

    We will not have "officers" per say.

    We have a "Moderator" to help faciliate the discussions at the meetings.

    We have a "Recording Secretary" to record notes of the meetings and maintain an address list of members for correspondence.

    We have a "corresponding Secretary" forcommunication with the members whether they be individuals or veteran organizations, posts and chapters.

    The persons volunteering, at this time, to do this are:

    Moderator - Stew Koontz
    Recording Secretary - Dick Bell
    Corresponding Secretary - Don Niemeyer

    Keeping things informal is a necessity as most of us are fed up with the heavy handed BS of some organizations and, as a group, we can decide what direction we are going. We need no board of directors, etc. We'll communicate freely!

    Ooops! This is beginning to sound like a democratiic organization! :rolleyes:

    There will be no dues; requests for donations; raffles; or any selling of "trinkets" for income. THEREFORE, You will see no requirement for a "Treasurer".

    The United Circle of Veterans is a strictly volunteer effort. We admit it's different from what we've been accustomed to in other veterans organizations.

    We are a group of veterans getting together to share ideas, information about our individual community involvements and to enjoy one another's company. THERE WILL BE NO "BASHING" OF ANY OTHER VETERAN ORGANIZATION.

    If anyone wishes to contact me privately you can do so by clicking on the "private Messages" in the upper right corner of this page.

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    Reply To 3CAV

    I started to duplicate my post. Sorry!
  20. DonaldN

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    LAtest Changes to the VVnW Board & Advisors

    I see Bob Haines (SFC/USArmy) is listed as being a board member and national teasurer. BUT, further down the list the position of national treasurer is VACANT.

    Could it be because he serves as national treasurer on paper only? Since he is an active duty soldier he cannot be at national signing checks and "doing treasurer" stuff. HE CANNOT PERFORM THAT JOB! But Herr Forbes and Frauline Nancy don't care because they do the spending, NOT THE TREASURER!

    Seems to me that the former national treasurer, Richard Schlude, was removed from that position and suspended because he "wasn't doing the job" as national treasurer. He was then expelled from the VVnW for raising objections and asking WHY! THIS IS HOW THE VVNW OPERATES. IF YOU DON'T OBEY THE MASTERS YOU'RE OUT!!!

    Another change I notice is the removal of the Southeast Asian Coordinator/ Advisor to the Board position. Could it be because this position represents the Vietnamese members of the VVnW??? The person filling this position represented posts in Washington State, Oregon and California. Many of those members are South Vietnamese and served beside our troops.

    Looks like the NON-DISCRIMINATORY policy of the VVnW applies only to regular members, NOT THE DICTATORS AT THE TOP OF THE VVnW FOOD CHAIN. (One of the "charges" I was expelled for was "Discrimination"! But I don't know who or what I discriminated against!)

    Didn't Adolf run his country like this???

    I recall that Nick Rock held this position way back when I was on the VVnW National Board. Nick sends letters to Congress in support of Veterans Bills and other issues. He supports and guides the west coast posts. He did this in addition to what he did in his own community.

    Anyone want to bet the VVnW loses all those members and posts since making this brilliant move???

    THEY CLAIM TO CARE BUT - THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT THE MONEY! "People Who Care about A Buck" is their personal motto! :mad:

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