Ischemic Heart Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy...AGENT ORANGE LINK.

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    I am helping my father out with a new claim and wanted to get some advice. Thank you in advance to those who respond with the information.

    My father is presenting a new claim including Ischemic Heart Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, and High Blood Pressure. The VA has sent out a pamphlet highlighting the possible links to agent orange exposure with these conditions. This revelation is new and hasn't been put in the Federal Registrar yet and the letter stated that his claim would be on hold until that happens. He put in this claim and received a letter back stating that they would need a release of his medical records and possible evidence that these conditions are directly related to combat service. Releasing medical records should be easy because he was treated at veterans hospital. He underwent double by-pass surgery for his Ischemic Heart Disease and is currently taking medication for his PN and high blood pressure. My question is in regards to providing evidence that these are service related. The initial brochure indicated the link between agent orange exposure and the above diseases, so why would it be necessary to provide the nexus. I was assuming that the initial letter requesting evidence of the nexus was a sort of form letter. Can anyone elaborate on this issue.

    For what it's worth, He already has been awarded compensation for PTSD-30% and Tinnitus-10%.

    We began writing the letter last night and provided the history of his conditions and how they were and are being treated. We also provided a brief explanation of his time in vietnam. We highlighted the fact that he was stationed on a landing zone in Duck Fo (spelling...i know that is wrong) and how the adjacent hills were sprayed with agent orange. Is all this information helpful for the claims department to know?

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    If he was stationed in country the claim should be a done deal as soon as the VA complies with the administrative procedures act and writes the regulations. It should be abt 6 mos. Just tell the VARO which VA medical center has your fathers records. Don't need release of info form for Federal facilities.

    The PN isn't gonna fly as what is presumptive is acute/sub-acute PN. which must have manifest within 1 year of exposure. I suspect your father has chronic PN which isn't covered. The HBP may not fly either unless it can be linked as part of IHD as HBP in and of itself isn't covered. Not quite sure how the VA will handle HBP as the IHD is too new and we have no real experience yet.

    FWIW, the VA doesn't care what your father did in Vietnam. If his PTSD is based on Vietnam service they already have proof of incountry service and all they need is treatment records for current condition.

    You should also check into CRSC. there's an Army site where he can apply.

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