Jane Dolan and the Marine Corps Marathon

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    On October 31st over 18,000 runners will attempt to complete the 29th annual
    Marine Corps Marathon. One runner will participate again this year with a
    special purpose. To honor the memory of Major Robert Leslie Olson, USMA
    class of 1987. My name is Jane Dolan and I am that runner. I did not have
    the unique opportunity to know Major Olson, but he represents one soldier in
    a long line of men and women who have dedicated themselves to service.

    Current events around the world have profoundly moved me and many others to
    find ways to honor our soldier's sacrifices. We are moved by the dedication
    that our troops and their families have for the future of our country. Even
    in tragedy their conviction for service is indefatigable.

    Last year after gaining entry into MCM I became aware of an organization
    called TAPS, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, they provided me the
    opportunity to run in honor of Major Olson and raise money for their noble
    cause. TAPS is non-profit organization that reaches out to families who
    have been impacted by the death of a loved one in the armed service,
    including the Reserves and National Guard. They help spouses, children,
    parents, siblings, fiancées, and friends with a peer support network to cope
    and recover. After learning more about TAPS, Team Olson was created. What
    better way to honor the families of people like Major Olson and others who
    bring integrity, discipline and dignity to the defense of our country and
    hope to those in need throughout the world.

    It was said that Major Olson excelled in teaching cadets and soldiers to do
    things "the right way". Those cadets and soldiers became officers and NCO's
    and no doubt taught hundreds, if not thousands, of soldiers to do it the
    right way too. Rob's leadership legacy spread not only across the Army but
    likely far beyond the boundaries of the Army as an enduring life lesson for
    all. To have such vision and passion is truly a gift and Rob was clearly a
    special person.

    With the generosity of one very special friend of Robs and other donations
    from people who never met him, we raised over $8,500 dollars last year and I
    completed the 26.2! The goal for this year is $10,000. By sponsoring Team
    Olson you will allow Robs legacy to be brought to light again and allow
    hundreds of children to know first hand the gratitude we have for their
    loved ones. Funds we raise this year will go directly to The 2005 Good
    Grief Youth Camp in memory of Rob and honoring the USMA Class of 1987
    graduates. This camp is the Nations preeminent and renowned military grief
    and loss program for children. By the end of the camp, which is held in our
    nation's capitol on Memorial Day weekend, children ages 2-20 will make
    lifelong relationships and gain healthy perspectives as they learn, laugh,
    and realize their own grief issues. By supporting TAPS "OUR COUNTRY WE
    STRENGTHEN' one family at a time.

    My sincere appreciation to Scott Andrews for contacting me so many months
    ago to inquire about TAPS and Team Olson, his positive, kind and unwavering
    willingness to help has encouraged me to once again train hard and smart!
    This is one more example of the legacy that was Major Olson, to do it the
    right way. Thanks to Scott, and all the friends and classmates of Major

    Jane Dolan
    [email protected]

    ===> TO DONATE:
    Go to http://www.taps.org - Click on "make a donation" then enter TEAM
    OLSON/USMA1987 in the designated donation space provided, or send donations
    to TAPS c/o TEAM OLSON 2001 S. St. NW Suite 300 Washington D.C, 20009.
    Thank you!!!

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